Wednesday, March 22, 2017

1 Night Movie Review

Minhal Baig's writing/directing debut, 1 Night, follows two couples at a Los Angeles hotel over the course of an evening. The first couple, played by Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect) as Elizabeth and Justin Chatwin (Doctor Who) as Drew, are a 30-something couple trying to rekindle that romantic spark before calling it a day on their marriage. The second couple, played by Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) as Bea and Kyle Allen (The Path) as Andy are old childhood friends brought back together through unfortunate circumstances on prom night. The couples occasionally cross paths and interact throughout the film.

Elizabeth and Drew are at the hotel desperately trying to salvage what's left of their marriage. The two actors are convincing and their dialogue only hints at the deep-seated issues they're facing as a couple. Unfortunately, the short run time of the film doesn't leave much space for character building, leaving the audience to try and fill in the gaps. Intriguing as the premise is and as hard as the actors work, it's hard to care whether or not they stay together. Camp and Chatwin give solid performances, but aren't given enough to build on.

Bea and Andy are childhood friends who've drifted as they made their way through high school. The two reconnect when Bea is dumped by her boyfriend on their prom night. The young couple wander the hotel and spend a lot of time getting to know each other again. Fuhrman and Allen are pitch perfect and are the more interesting of the two couples.

The film sets things up so we're to see Bea and Andy as the younger versions of Elizabeth and Drew at the very beginning of their relationship. It's an interesting twist that reminded me of another romance with a sci-fi bent; the 2001 film Happy Accidents by Brad Anderson. 1 Night definitely would have benefited from a bit more time to explore it's lofty ideas. At 80 minutes, it moves too fast and leaves us with too many questions to feel like a complete experience. That being said, there are some interesting things going on here and it will be interesting to see what Baig does next.

Monday, March 20, 2017

New Power Ranger Sentries Debut in 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' #13

BOOM! Studios and Saban Brands are proud to debut three new Power Rangers Sentries in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13, the latest issue of their best-selling comic book series. The issue went on sale March 15 in comic book shops.  

Following the debut of the Mastodon Sentries in issue #11, this issue features the Tyrannosaurus Sentries, Sabertooth Sentries, and Pterodactyl Sentries, troopers molded after the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and under the command of Lord Drakkon on an alternate timeline Earth. In the story, Tommy Oliver and Billy Cranston have been transported to that universe, in which Lord Drakkon—the Tommy Oliver of this timeline—and Rita Repulsa have conquered the planet. In eluding capture by the Sentries and trying to find their way back to their own world, the pair find allies with an underground resistance called The Coinless.  

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13 is written by Kyle Higgins and illustrated by Hendry Prasetya. The Sentries were designed by MMPR cover artist Jamal Campbell and Saban Brands.

In addition, issue #13 features the first installment of Ryan Ferrier (Kennel Block Blues) and Bachan's (Bill & Ted Save the Universe) story, "The Ongoing Misadventures of Squatt & Baboo," starring the two bumbling henchmen of Rita Repulsa. The story will run in two-page installments until issue #24.

Friday, March 17, 2017

America's Favorite Felines Come Face To Furry Face When Grumpy Cat Meets Garfield!

Dynamite has published the comic book, The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat, featuring "The World's Grumpiest Cat" and her brother Pokey since 2015, selling over one half million copies and winning the hearts of readers of all ages! With her ever-present pout and sassy disposition, Grumpy Cat has become one of the world's most famous felines. Now, her unbearable cuteness and infectious sourpuss comes face to face with the original cartoon cat, Garfield!  

An exclusive partnership between Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios' award-winning imprint, KaBOOM!, will bring Jim Davis' iconic comic strip cat Garfield together with internet sensation Grumpy Cat in a limited series, with a story written by Mark Evanier!  

"Teaming up with Garfield for a comic series is a real honor," says Grumpy Cat. "I hate it."  

Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite says, "Working with the fine folks at Grumpy Cat has been absolutely wonderful; we've had tremendous success bringing Grumpy to our fans, and helped to grow the comics market with record breaking sales through the direct market, book stores, and Scholastic. Our Free Comic Book Day giveaways drew thousands of new fans to comic stores for the first time. Meeting Mr. Davis has been a highlight of my career and working with him and our friends Ross, Filip, and everyone at Boom! Studios to bring her into the world of Jim Davis' beloved comic strip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These are the two most famous felines in the world. I can't wait to see what trouble these two get into!"  

"Jim Davis approached us years ago asking us to publish the Garfield comic books and it's been a tremendous honor to work with one of the greatest cartoonists of all time and the entire team at PAWS," said Ross Richie, Founder and CEO of BOOM! Studios. "When I met with him at San Diego Comic-Con International this year to discuss this crossover, he was brimming with delight at the idea of these two felines getting together. His enthusiasm and affection for this crossover is infectious! This is going to be terrific fun!  

Look for more news about the comic book crossover event of the year in the coming months, with a release targeted for summer 2017!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Unboxing February's Loot Crate: Build

Timed to coincide with the release of the Lego Batman movie and the Power Rangers reboot, Loot Crate's February theme was "Build." The contents of the crate all fit perfectly into this month's theme. They tapped Power Rangers, Lego, and Tetris to "build" this month's crate. The folks at Loot Crate continue to give Looters the biggest bang for their buck even with the recent rise in cost. I don't think you can find a better subscription box with the high quality exclusive items for a comparable price point.

The first item in the box is probably the most fun! A Batman food container, shaped as the Dark Knight's head, for carrying your snacks on the go. Not too big and not too small, it's the perfect size for keeping your snacks safe.

Next up are THREE Power Rangers items! If you're a fan of the teen heroes, then this was the crate for you. First was the monthly Loot Crate pin featuring the mighty Megazord. The pins in each crate have been amazing and this month is no different. Next is a digital download (via Comixology) of three Power Rangers comics (MMPR #'s 0-1 and MMPR: Pink #1). Finally, we got an exclusive Power Rangers Megazord t-shirt.

Video game lovers were winners in this month's crate, too. Tetris fans got a set of big Tetris block-shaped magnets for their refrigerator's. You can shuffle them around to create your own designs with 9 familiar shapes from the classic game. Finally, each box contained one Lego Dimensions Fun Pack figure! There were 5 possible figures (Wonder Woman, Bad Cop, Benny, Cyborg, and Unikitty. This box contained Wonder Woman (not complaining about that!) to be used with my Lego Dimensions game. All in all, another month of awesome loot!

Inside this month's crate:

- Wonder Woman Lego Dimensions Fun Pack (Lego, Warner Bros.)

- Megazord Pin (Saban, Loot Crate)

- Power Rangers Digital Comics (BOOM!/Comixology)

- Megazord T-shirt (Saban, Loot Crate)

- Batman Food Conatiner (DC Comics, Zak! Designs)

- Tetris Magnets (Tetris Company/Paladone)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Bungie and McFarlane Toys Partner For Destiny Figures

In a collaboration of legendary proportions, McFarlane Toys is proud to announce that it is once again partnering with Bungie this time to create Guardian action figures for Destiny, scheduled for release this summer.  

Developed by Bungie and published by Activision, Destiny is a first-person action shooter that features cinematics storytelling alongside cooperative and competitive gameplay. Players create a unique character and become legend through completing a series of shared activities in a social world. Destiny has entertained a legion of engaged players across more than 30 million unique accounts since its initial release in September 2014.  

Best known for attention to detail and immense creativity, McFarlane Toys has produced action figures and construction sets for some of the biggest properties in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. This upcoming partnership with the creators of Destiny will not only continue that tradition but expand on it. Fans of the emerging action franchise can look forward to a new selection of game-accurate action figures, 10-inch figures, and role play items.  

McFarlane Toys' initial wave of Destiny toys will include fully articulated figures that depict Guardian Classes, including the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. These figures will debut in new window box collector packaging and will come with a Destiny branded detailed base.  

"Detail, depth, and customization, that's what Destiny gives its players, and that's what made it the biggest new video game franchise launch" said Todd McFarlane, Owner and CEO of McFarlane Toys. "With our upcoming Destiny line, fans can expect that same amount of detail and customization that we have built our own reputation on."  

McFarlane Toys'™ Destiny figures will be available at major retailers this July carrying an MSRP: $19.99. For more information about Destiny visit  The community can interact directly with the developer at For more information about everything McFarlane Toys, fans are encouraged to check out as well as the McFarlane social media channels for updates and news.   

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fresh Off the Boat Free Comic Book Day Cover Revealed by BOOM! Studios

ABC’s Hit Comedy Series Makes Comic Book Debut for Free on Saturday, May 6th 

BOOM! Studios, in association with ABC Television Network & Twentieth Century Fox Television, is proud to reveal the cover to FRESH OFF THE BOAT PRESENTS: LEGION OF DOPE-ITUDE FEATURING LAZY BOY, available at participating stores on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 6th. Award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese, New Super-Man) and artist Jorge Corona (Feathers, Teen Titans Go!) bring the stars of the pioneering hit television series to life in comic book form for the very first time… with a super-powered twist!  

Expanding on the events of an upcoming May episode of “Fresh Off the Boat” (Tuesdays, 9/8c on ABC), the comic book follows Eddie and Emery as they find that the superheroes they created for a create-your-own-comic-book contest based on the Huang family, have come to life in the real world. But could these superheroes prove to be even more popular than the Huangs themselves? And how far will Eddie go to prove he’s still cooler than Lazy Boy, his superhero doppleganger?  

“Fresh Off the Boat” was created by Nahnatchka Kahn, is executive produced by Kahn, Melvin Mar and Jake Kasdan, and is based on the memoir of chef and restauranteur Eddie Huang. The series centers on the Huangs, a Taiwanese-American family adjusting to life in Orlando, Florida in the 1990s.   Now in its third season on ABC, “Fresh Off the Boat” is produced by 20th Century Fox Television, and stars Randall Park as Louis, Constance Wu as Jessica, Hudson Yang as Eddie, Forrest Wheeler as Emery, Ian Chen as Evan, Chelsea Crisp as Honey, Ray Wise as Marvin and Lucille Soong as Grandma.  

“I've been a fan of 'Fresh Off the Boat' since it first aired,” praised Yang. “Working on a comic book tie-in with the uber-talented Jorge Corona and the show's production team has been a blast! If you're a fan of the show, we hope the comic will be an added level of fun for you. And if you haven't seen the show yet, we hope the comic will convince you to give it a try!”   

Corona said, “With the irreverence of superhero versions of the characters we know and love from 'Fresh Off the Boat,' Gene Luen Yang writes a story about identity and acceptance that takes an important relevance in today’s world. A fun, action-packed comic filled with love for the classics. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it."   

Fresh Off the Boat Presents: Legion of Dope-itude Featuring Lazy Boy joins BOOM! Studios Summer Blast FCBD 2017 Edition as the two, all-ages-friendly offerings for Free Comic Book Day from BOOM! Studios designed to bring in a new generation of readers into comic shops.   Free Comic Book Day is a single day—always the first Saturday in May—when participating comic book specialty shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their shops.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

COMET Giveaway Beasts of February Limited Edition Prize Pack!

Full moons can be frightening and this month on COMET TV there are enough beasties to send a shiver down your spine and make you smile at the same time!  

Whether you love the 1980's classics Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too or prefer your beasts a little more out of this world with Species and Strange Invaders, COMET TV has you covered!  

COMET, the newest & obviously coolest Sci-Fi Network has been showing the best in fun cult classic films and television shows! If you haven't checked it out, you're missing all the fun!  

COMET TV has all the spine tingling beasts you can sink your teeth into this February!  

From the classic adolescent werewolf trials and tribulations of Teen Wolf to the outer world invasion of Species, catch any and all beasts airing this month on  

Available on television digi-networks and online at, COMET offers something for everyone and has an incredible array of movies that you simply can't get with a subscription to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

We are giving away a prize pack to one lucky reader! Contest starts February 22nd and ends on Monday, March 6th at 11:59 p.m.

The pack includes:  

Two Limited Edition COMET TV Pint Glasses - Two glasses will be chosen out of four Limited Edition designs. If you can't beat your inner beast, having a drink will soothe even the darkest soul!  

One Heart Splatter Toy - There's nothing a beast wants more than the heart of their victims, now you can beat them to the punch, just don't squeeze too hard!  

Fire Ants Hard Candy - The beasts have invaded! But now you can fight back and have fresh breathe at the same time!  
Oozing Candy Eye Balls - Perfect for the beast in your house, these candy eye balls with an oozing gushing center will have your pack fighting for more!  

Gummie Tarantulas - EEEK! Don't be scared these Tarantulas aren't coming to get YOU! You're coming to get THEM! Unleash your inner beast and take a bite out of these former frightening foes. In delicious cherry and lime!

There are three ways to enter:

- Follow us on Instagram (@popgeekery) or Twitter (@monkeyjedi) and let us know when you do!

- Check out COMET and let us know what you think!

- Let us know who your favorite beast is and why!

You can reach us via Twitter, Instagram, E-mail (, or by commenting below!

One winner will be randomly chosen. Once notified they will have 24 hours to reply with a mailing address (no P.O. boxes) or an alternate winner will be chosen.

*Each household is only eligible to win COMET TV Feb Beasts pack via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

**COMET is sponsoring this giveaway and will be shipping prize to winner. No P.O. boxes. Contest open to U.S. residents only.