Monday, May 31, 2010

The Transformers: Seasons 3 & 4

Last month Shout! Factory released the 3rd and 4th seasons of The Transformers. When I was younger I was a bigger fan of the earlier episodes, which featured Optimus Prime and Megatron. The 3rd season picks up following the events of Transformers: The Movie, which saw the death of Optimus and the passing of the Matrix of Leadership to Hot Rod. With that passing, Hot Rod then became Rodimus Prime. So when the new season started I was put off on the show because I was a bigger fan of the pre-movie Autobots/Decepticons. After re-watching the 1st season of the Transformers I found myself somewhat disappointed at the fact that they didn’t hold up as well as I had remembered them. To be honest, they were pretty cheesy. Because of that experience I decided to give this set a fair chance. I found that enjoyed these episodes a lot. It really had a different flavor to them, making them feel like a whole different show. The Autobots spend more time in space and on Cybertron than they ever did before (the earlier seasons had them mostly on Earth). The conflict between Megatron and Starscream was a big part of the earlier ep’s and was definitely missed. Also, I carry a bit of nostalgia for characters like Jazz and Wheeljack who died in the movie. On the plus side, these episodes held up better than some of the earlier ones did. Overall, if you’re a fan of Transformers it’s definitely a must-watch!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Have you been reading Vertigo’s “Daytripper,” by Eisner Award winners Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá? If not, go to your nearest comic shop right now and pick up the first six issues of this 10-issue limited series. I picked up the first issue at WonderCon and the day after I read it I went out in search of the next issue. I wasn’t familiar with the creators and it’s not generally something I would have gravitated to when in a comic shop so I’m glad that I was able to discover it at all. The story follows a man (Brás de Oliva Domingos) throughout the significant moments of his life. What I’m finding really interesting is that each issue ends with Brás’ death and obituary. No attempt has been given to explain why it happens. After six issues I’m still not sure if the book is going to give us an answer to the how or why, but that’s half of the intrigue (especially since I no longer have “Lost” to look forward to anymore). What I find even more intriguing is the fact that even though he does die at the end of every issue, it doesn't effect my enjoyment of the next one. I can just sit back and let myself get sucked right back into the characters life. Each issue builds on the previous one and you get a better understanding of the character. The art in the book is gorgeous and the writing is equally so. If you can’t find the back issues, the collected version is already available for pre-order at You’ll have to wait a while though, as the scheduled release date is Feb. 8, 2011.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rapunzel's Revenge

Once upon a time, Shannon and Dean Hale took a beloved fairytale character and made her into a kick-ass heroine. In this version Rapunzel grows up in a huge castle with Mother Gothel. The castle is surrounded by a huge wall, which obviously, Rapunzel cannot resist going over. On the other side of that wall she learns that Mother Gothel has been ruling with an iron fist. She also learns that her real mother is a slave of Mother Gothel’s. Rapunzel’s punishment for going over the wall is being locked away in a very tall tree in the forest. She eventually grows her hair out long enough to escape without the help of a knight or handsome prince. From there, she sets out to take down Gothel and reunite with her mother. After she gets out of the forest, the writers plunk Rapunzel down in a Wild West setting (Odd? Yes, but it really works). She gets a partner named Jack (of Jack and the Bean Stalk fame) and the two have one rollicking adventure after another on their way to liberating the kingdom.

The 2009 Eisner Award nominated graphic novel is intended for younger readers but the characterization and the creativity make it a fun read for everyone. This Rapunzel is smart, sassy and kicks some butt. It would make a fun animated film but unfortunately Disney already has a Rapunzel movie in the works titled “Tangled,” due out later this year. The Hale’s recently released a sequel of sorts named “Calamity Jack,” which brings back Jack and Rapunzel for a second go.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Holy XXX, Batman!!!"

The porn industry, which has a history of producing movie parodies, is getting in on the superhero action. It was bound to happen at some point and frankly, I’m surprised it took this long. On May 24, Vivid releases “Batman XXX- A Porn Parody.” It is based on the 60’s television version of Batman (which is a shame as Nicholson’s line, “Wait’ll they get a load of me,” would take on a whole new meaning). This is only the first in a series of adult films being released by Vivid. According to their official press release, they have seven films planned. From my understanding of fair use, a parody such as this is legal but I’m positive that DC and Marvel aren’t keen on their characters being used.

The official press release, via AVN:

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment Group has announced the formation of Vivid-Superhero, a new imprint that will have Axel Braun as its lead director.

"The parodies under this new imprint will pay tribute to the world's most popular comic heroes," said Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid. "Axel already started pre-production on a parody of Superman, which will be followed by those of The Green Hornet, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk. We made the decision to create the imprint after working with Axel on Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, an Axel Braun Productions movie to be distributed by Vivid. Axel truly did an amazing job with it, and we agreed that together we could mine the really rich treasure of superheroes and have a lot of fun doing it."

"I honestly couldn't be more excited," said Braun. "Working with Vivid is an incredible experience, and with this new imprint I'll have all the creative latitude to deliver quality productions that will appeal to the huge fan base that exists for these iconic figures."

Braun recently wrapped Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, a take-off on the campy 60's TV show, scheduled for release on May 24, and he's already in pre-production on his next three parodies to be distributed by Vivid: Grease XXX, The Godfather XXX, and The Addams Family XXX.

The Green Hornet® is a registered trademark of The Green Hornet, Inc.; Spider-Man®, Captain America® and Fantastic Four® are registered trademarks of Marvel Characters, Inc.; Wonder Woman® and Batman® are registered trademarks of DC Comics General Partnership; Grease® and The Godfather® are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures Corporation.

The Green Hornet? Obviously they’re banking on the upcoming film but I would assume that Iron Man would make for a much better fit. After seeing the trailer, we were impressed at the attention to detail. We here at Geek Hash have got to admit, our curiosity has been piqued. Will you be watching?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Geek Hash recommends...

Finnish cartoonist Pentti Otsamo’s graphic novella, “The Fall of Homunculus,” is an engaging slice of life story. It follows Joel and Anna, a young couple that must deal with the repercussions of an unexpected pregnancy. Joel’s reluctance to take on his role as father-to-be threatens their relationship. The beauty of this short story is that it pulls no punches and makes no judgments. It’s a nice concentration on the creative impulse and the prospect of parenthood.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome to the new digs!

Woo hoo! Welcome to Geek Hash. The old blog, Someone Else’s Clothes was originally started to cover my theater company and the theater community in Santa Cruz. It’s going back to its original purpose so I transferred everything over here. It’ll be the same old blog, so no worries there. I’m also bringing Greg The Bunny with me to help out for double the fun! To celebrate the move to Geek Hash, we’re going to hold a contest. You’ve got two chances to win! The prizes:

How do you enter? Send an E-mail to by midnight, May 31st Be sure to put “Geek Hash contest” in the subject line. We’ll hold the random drawing and winners will be contacted via E-mail.

So, bookmark the new blog and enter the contest. Good luck!