Thursday, August 30, 2012

Marceline and the Scream Queens Gets Baltimore Comic-Con Variant

For all of you lucky Adventure Time fans attending the Baltimore Comic-Con, BOOM! Studios is offering a Marceline and the Scream Queens #1  with exclusive variant cover.

From BOOM!-

With cover art by regular ADVENTURE TIME creative team and guests of the show Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb this variant cover will be sold at the official Baltimore Comic Con Show Exclusive booth #2507 only and available in extremely limited quantities. Be sure to snatch yours up as quick as you can and get it signed by the cover artists at the BOOM! Studios booth!

JOIN FAN-FAVORITE CHARACTERS MARCELINE AND PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM FOR RIOT GRRL ROCK-FUELED EXCITEMENT IN THIS BRAND-NEW ADVENTURE TIME MINI-SERIES! Thanks to a newfound interest in music, Princess Bubblegum joins Marceline’s paranormal rock band for a tour across the land of Ooo! But when they’re threatened by everything from scenesters to beasts born of self-doubt, can they make it to the RADDEST GIG EVER in time?! Written and drawn by acclaimed cartoonist Meredith Gran (OCTOPUS PIE) and featuring a back-up story from Jen Wang (KOKO BE GOOD)!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Battleship Sets Sail This Tuesday

An exhilarating campaign to save mankind unfolds on the high seas, in the skies and on land when Battleship – the entertaining, action-adventure made with unprecedented support of the US Navy – comes to Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and On Demand August 28th, 2012, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.
Against all odds, a daring young naval officer and his heroic crew launch an all-out military showdown against a superior alien force in this enthralling, thrill-ride that will have viewers holding their breath through the final gripping face-off. Almost two hours of exclusive bonus features including all-new featurettes, behind-the-scenes footage, filmmaker commentary and an exciting pre-visualization of an alternate ending make this a must-own disc.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Look At The Hunger Games Exclusive Editions

The Hunger Games is being released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 18th and several retailers are offering up some pretty sweet exclusive editions. Here's a look at your choices:


This Target Deluxe Edition includes a collectible case and forty-five minutes of exclusive content. The exclusive content includes: (1) Tribute Video Diaries -- the seven main tributes use their flip-cameras to document the build up to the release of The Hunger Games, (2) Stories from the Tributes – sit down with the tributes and hear the best stores of their time filming the most anticipated movie of 2012, (3) Tribute Biographies – find out all about your favorite tributes with this animated gallery and (4) Tribute Photo Gallery – personal photos of the tributes.

Best Buy

The Hunger Games Collector’s Edition - 4-disc Blu-ray and DVD + Digital Copy including the movie and special features, a numbered acrylic keepsake and collectible case.


The Walmart Exclusive includes the 2-disc blu-ray, digital copy, VUDU and officially licensed mockingjay pendant.

Additionally, if you pre-order from Walmart, you can enter for a chance to attend The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere or other great prizes!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review: Gambit #1


What: Gambit #1

Who: Writer- James Asmus
          Penciler- Clay Mann
          Inker- Seth Mann
          Colorist- Rachelle Rosenberg

Sitting at number two on my all-time favorite comic book characters list (just behind Spider-Man) is the ragin’ Cajun, Gambit. So, going into the first issue of his new ongoing series, there were definite high-hopes. Even more so after the spectacular Hawkeye debut.
Boy did the team of writer James Asmus and penciler Clay Mann deliver. The series kicks off with Remy doing what he does best, pulling off a heist in broad daylight at a fundraiser, charming a new lady-friend and doing it all with style. Asmus gives you just enough exposition so that if you’re new to the character or don’t follow all of the X-titles you know where Gambit’s coming from. He’s clearly got Gambit’s voice down and I found myself laughing aloud a couple of times, which doesn’t happen too often for me outside of the Spider-Man books.

Gambit has always been, in my mind, James Bond with mutant powers and Asmus really plays that up here. One great sequence in this issue is Gambit getting into Cich’s vault of “artifacts.” Surrounded by an arsenal of weapons he has to get past a voice-print recognition test, a handprint scan, retina scan and finally a password test. We get flashback of how Gambit recorded Cich’s voice, acquired his handprint and obtained a retina copy to pass the first three security measures. Then, when it comes to the password which he doesn’t have, he simply asks, “Please?” and the password is accepted. That last bit was pure Gambit and got a chuckle out of me. By the end of the issue they’ve given you enough to keep you wanting issue two.

What is that starfish and what’s going to happen to Gambit after it went into his body? Just who is that mysterious tattooed woman? What will Cich’s next move be? Even if I weren’t such a fan of Gambit, this promising start to the new series would definitely have me adding it to my pull list.    

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Show Off Your Figures In Style With Blazon Displays

Are you looking for a cool way to show off your action figure collection AND save space? If so, Blazon Displays is the answer! I discovered this awesome company at a convention a couple of months ago and became a fan of their products instantly. They have several unique ways of displaying your figures at reasonable prices:

Spider-Man protecting my refrigerator

Magnaclipz- These come in different sizes (S-M-L) and work perfectly on any metal surface. They're simple to use and you can easily display your figures in dynamic poses. You can also use them to display your PEZ dispenser collection! They are designed to be used with Blazon display cases and their display boards/strips. I use them to display figures on my refrigerator and they work perfectly! Prices range from $1.00 to $13.00

Display cases- These come in several different styles. There is a basic display case with adjustable shelves or you can upgrade with versions that come with LED lights. There is also a version with a metal background that you can use with their Maganaclipz. Prices range from $59.99 to $79.99 Additional shelves for display cases are also available.

Display bords/strips- These colored metal surfaces easily attach to your wall and work with Magnaclipz. You can display your figures anywhere you want with these boards that come in various shapes and sizes. Prices range from $6.00 to $38.99

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Cabin In The Woods Comes Home September 18th

If you think you know the story, think again. Experience the film that critics and audiences are raving about when The Cabin In The Woods arrives on Blu-ray Disc (plus Digital Copy), DVD (plus Digital Copy) and On Demand and Pay-Per-View September 18 from Lionsgate. The Cabin In The Woods will also be available on EST September 4, two weeks prior to the Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand release.  Co-written by fan favorites, Joss Whedon (The Avengers, TV’s “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”) and Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) and directed by Goddard, The Cabin In The Woods is a film that “horror fans will be gushing about for years” (FearNet).

The Cabin In The Woods begins as a conventional horror movie then transforms into a genre-bending, mind-blowing experience that cleverly mixes screams with pop-culture wit as the scared teens are revealed to be watched by a group of technicians that control their every move behind the scenes.

Starring Kristen Connolly (The Happening), Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers), Anna Hutchison (TV’s Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior), Fran Kranz (The Village), Jesse Williams (TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”), Richard Jenkins (The Visitor) and Bradley Whitford (TV’s “The West Wing”), The Cabin In The Woods is not like any horror movie you have seen before. Both formats come complete with a must-have behind-the-scenes “making of” featurette along with numerous additional featurettes that focus on the make-up, effects, animatronics and more, audio commentary with Writer/Director Drew Goddard and Writer/Producer Joss Whedon and the Wonder-Con Q&A, while the Blu-ray Disc includes the exclusive “It's Not What You Think: The Cabin in the Woods” Bonus View Mode.  The Wonder-Con Q&A will also be available on Digital Download.  The Cabin In The Woods Blu-ray Disc (plus Digital Copy) and DVD (plus Digital Copy) will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.99 and $29.95, respectively.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Marceline and the Scream Queens #2


What: Marceline and the Scream Queens #2
Who: Writer- Meredith Gran, Faith Erin Hicks (backup story)
Art: Meredith Gran, Faith Erin Hicks (backup story)

I went into the first issue of this series fully expecting it to have a different tone from what I’m used to with Adventure Time comic. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum are, after all, no Finn and Jake, which means they certainly wouldn’t be running around spouting catchphrases and beating lots of thing up. The premise is certainly exciting- Marceline is punk rock, while Princess Bubblegum is the level-headed one. Two differing personalities on a tour just scream for epic craziness to ensue.
The first issue set up the premise: Marceline is going on tour with her band, the Scream Queens. Princess Bubblegum, who has a newfound love for Marceline’s music, decides to join them as the band’s manager. It was a rather slow start to a series that, being an AT fan, I have really high hopes for. Unfortunately the first issue felt like some of the worst episodes of “Lost.” You got a lot of information, but at the end, you kind feel like you didn’t really see anything significant.
The second issue moves at such a clip that, in the end, it felt just as unsatisfying as issue #1. In 15 short pages we see:
-The band after a night of going on a “red bender.”
-The band getting interviewed by a squirrel.
 -The band coincidentally meeting Lord Slicko Vandalstine, “the hottest producer in Ooo,” on the way to their next gig.   
-Marceline lunching with said producer, who takes a liking to her eccentricity.
-The revelation that Guy is a Werewolf.
-The band performing in Misfit City.
With two issues down and four left I’m really hoping that the set-up is over with and that the real fun can begin. The end of issue two certainly points in that direction, with Marceline leaping off the stage in a red fury and attacking Vandalstine in front of the audience. Gran knows the characters and the art is solid but the story so far hasn’t made me eager to recommend it.
The back-up story, Grumpy Butt, by Faith Erin Hicks is pure Adventure Time. The band is performing in the land of Blooo and Marceline is unhappy about the lack of red to eat. Fortunately, PB happens to have invented a robot that paints things red. Hicks captures the voices of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline perfectly. The art doesn’t feel at all like Adventure Time, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s superb and fits the story well. So far, the back-up stories have been the highlight of the series.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jimmy Palmiotti Joins Long Beach Comic & Horror Con Line-Up

Palmiotti Set To Celebrate The Most Original Minds In Comics Through New Ongoing Series With Image Comics

The list of comic book luminaries appearing at this year’s Long Beach Comic & Horror Con continues to grow as Industry pioneer Jimmy Palmiotti joins the ranks of this year’s special guests for the event which will take place November 3-4 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

The award-winning creator, writer and inker has his hands in several top series, with current work including DC’s Ame-Comi web series, Creator-Owned Heroes and Queen Crab. Some past projects include Jonah Hex, Punisher, Monolith, Hawkman and The New West, which is being adapted into a movie by New Regency with Len Wiseman (Total Recall, Underworld) producing. Palmiotti also formed Paperfilms, a production company that has amassed a number of highly-anticipated projects including the Painkiller Jane TV series, which aired on SyFy and the 3D fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, a game slated for a 2013 release on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U. From the creators behind Mortal Kombat: DC Universe, Injustice pits DC’s top heroes and villains – including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Harley Quinn and Solomon Grundy – in an all or nothing brawl.

Through his collaboration with Image Comics on the critically-acclaimed new series, Creator-Owned Heroes, Palmiotti is part of an industry wide expansion of creator owned and controlled projects. The Creator-Owned series introduces fans to the most vibrant and original work from some of the comic book world’s top imaginations. The issues also share exclusive interviews from Neil Gaiman, Mark Waid, Scott Morse and Amanda Conner.

“The Long Beach Comic & Horror Con is one of my favorite shows to meet and greet the fans,” said Palmiotti. “I have not missed a single show and it’s been great to watch it grow year after year into one of the top conventions in the country. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

 The convention floor hours are 10:00am to 7:00pm on Saturday November 3 and 10:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday November 4.

Long Beach Comic & Horror Con is a true comic con focused on creating a fantastic experience for both fans and exhibitors alike in the Long Beach, Anaheim & Los Angeles areas. With something for everyone, this year's Long Beach Comic & Horror Con will be held November 3 & 4, 2012 at the Long Beach Convention Center. To learn more and purchase tickets, please visit

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Adventure Time Tee Contest Coming Soon!

The Adventure Time Tumblr posted this announcement a couple of days ago:


Well, OK, it’s not quite time yet. But GET READY, Adventure Time fans - our long-awaited first T-Shirt Design Contest featuring Finn, Jake, and all their friends in the Land of Ooo is almost here! Keep watching and our Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages for the official launch announcement… it’s gonna be TOTALLY RHOMBUS.

Oh, and did we mention PEN WARD is a guest judge?! How about his mom, BETTIE?! And PANCAKE THE CAT?! Whaaaaaat? This biz is gonna get redonk.

Stay tuned for launch… COMING SOON!

So, all you artists, get started on your designs now and good luck! I know I'll be keeping an eye out for the winner and buying some cool tees.

Friday, August 3, 2012

9th Annual Carnival of Stars Belly Dance & Comic Art Festival In Richmond August 4-5

WHAT: Latifa and Alexandria present the Ninth Annual Carnival of Stars Belly Dance & Comic Art Festival - an All-Ages, Family-Friendly World Dance and Art Extravaganza!
WHERE: Richmond Memorial Auditorium
403 Civic Center Plaza (27th and Nevin), Richmond, CA 94804
WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, August 4 and 5, 2012, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. both days
TICKETS: Adults: $15. Children under 12, $6. Parking: FREE
WHO: Top Belly Dance Performers, Famous Comic Book Artists, and an
International Bazaar with Mediterranean Cuisine.
Come to the most unique cultural event in the Bay Area, combining comic books and belly dancing with live musical performances and panel discussions! This year the festival will be bigger and better than ever, with two days of non-stop professional belly dance performances by top Local and World Artists. Performers converge on the stage, solo after solo, troupe after troupe, while audience members are free to watch and shop at the numerous vendors' booths, and also to savor delectable Mediterranean Cuisine! The International Market features a wide range of gifts: dance costumes and accessories, jewelry, arts and crafts, rare and collectible comic books, graphic novels, toys, artwork, books, trading cards, and Hollywood Memorabilia! Dancers of all skill levels can participate in workshops, intensive training and free dance classes with the Masters and Pioneers of Belly Dance!
Special Media Guests this year include: Underground and Political Comix Legend (Saturday Only) Spain Rodriguez (Zap Comix, Zodiac Mindwarp), Horror-Host John Stanley (Creature Features), Counter-Culture Author and Publisher Dan Fogel (Cherry Poptart, Underground Price & Grading Guide), Special Effects and Makeup Master Ed Martinez (The Dead and the Damned), Punk-Metal Monster Artist Jose Angeles, Bruce Simon (Savage Humor, Party Comics), Richard Becker (Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, How To Draw The Marvel Heroes), Greg Beda (PostmodernAnXst), Pepper Alexandria (Belly Dance Comix), Jim White (Clone Comics), and More!
Fan-Favorite and legendary Cosplay and Costume Contest with cash prizes takes place Saturday at 3 pm, with more cash prizes than ever!
For more information-


Thursday, August 2, 2012


BOOM! Studios proudly announces ADVENTURE TIME: MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #1 has sold out and the publisher had to rush to a second printing nine days before it was released on July 11th.

Comic book fans should keep in mind first printings of ADVENTURE TIME: MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #1 may still be found at the local comic shop nearest you. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Use to find one!

Join fan-favorite characters Marceline and Princess Bubblegum for riot girl rock-fueled excitement in this brand-new ADVENTURE TIME mini-series! Thanks to a newfound interest in music, Princess Bubblegum joins Marceline’s paranormal rock band for a tour across the land of Ooo! But when they’re threatened by everything from scenesters to beasts born of self-doubt, can they make it to the RADDEST GIG EVER in time?!

ADVENTURE TIME: MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #1 second print ships with a must-have all new cover by Kory Bing