Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Annual AnimeiCon Comes To Monterey July 22-24, 2011

The Central Coast gets its first anime convention thanks to the folks of AnimeiCon! The convention was "brought together by a group of young Asian-Americans/Anime Enthusiasts" whose mission is to "introduce and inspire, especially our youth and young adults, in the various animation art forms to broaden creativity, encourage passion for the arts, and establish positive self-identity thereby promoting creative thinkers for our future."

Some of the events during the 3 day convention:

1. Vendor Room

2. Artist Alley

3. Game Tournaments: Halo Reach, Black Ops (console gaming), Magic (table-top gaming), Spirit Hunt (Laser Tag arena) and more!

4. Panels: Q&A, signings and lectures

5. Cosplay Parade

6. Martial Arts Demonstrations

7. Viewing Rooms

8. Dance "Club Bash" (Sponsored by KDON 102.5)

9. Japan Relief Booth/Display (American Red Cross & Operation USA)

Confirmed Guests Include:

-Chris Cason (Fullmetal Alchemist, DragonBall Z Kai, Soul Eater) 

-Jamie Marchi (Witchblade, Fruits Basket, Soul Eater)

-Yuki Dong (Anime/Vocaloid Singer & Performer)

-Trina Nishimura (Baccano!, Witchblade, Speed Grapher)

-Kairu (Visual-Kei artist)


Advance Rates: $45 through June 10; $50 through July 2; $55 Through July 11

At-Door Rates: $60 weekend; $25 Friday; $30 Saturday; $25 Sunday

Wanna attend for free? AnimeiCon is looking for volunteers! 


- Must be 16 years old and above

- Be a team-player

- Be Courteous

- Be Respectful

- Have great communication and social skills

- Willing to learn

- Must know how to have FUN.

Volunteer Benefits:

- Day passes for days worked

- Must work a total of 20 hours

- Inaugural Animeicon T-Shirt

- Volunteer badge

- Food and drinks - Community Service Hours

(High school students wanting to gain experience.)

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