Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sony Drops PS3 Price Point By $50

Sony cut the price of their PS3 gaming system from $299.99 down to $249 effective immediately. Europeans will be able to buy it for €249 and it will be available in Japan for ¥24,980. At launch the system retailed for $400. Even at that price, with the added Blu-ray player and backwards compatibility it was, at the time, one great deal.

Many are speculating what this price drop means. If you go by historical evidence then this looks to mean that Sony will soon be announcing the PS4. If you look at the recent troubles Sony has had with their hacking scandal, the disasters in Japan and the fact that the 360 continues to dominate the market it looks like Sony may be cutting its losses and trying to push forward. Whatever it means, you can't argue with the fact that for those who don't already own one, this is one helluva deal.

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