Friday, January 27, 2012

Zombie Boot Camp

RAM Training LTD is a UK-based company in Worcestershire that offers a SWAT training activity day. According to the website you will:

Train as a member of an elite special forces SWAT team. Play it for real learn the skills needed to find, fix and destroy a determined enemy.

Use a variety of weapons to execute the mission: Pistol, assault rifle and the pump action shot gun.

Get equipped in the latest Kevlar helmet and ballistic body armor.

Work as a team to clear a terrorist bomb making factory or rescue a colleague in our purpose designed killing house.

This is not paint ball this is truly the most realistic, awesome first person shoot ‘em’ up scenario activity in the world.

If that doesn't sound cool enough, they offer a "Zombie Boot Camp." 

From the website itinerary:

Yes you will be fighting live Zombies. You will have to put what you have learned to the test. To wipe out a live Zombie you will have to shoot them in the head. Don’t worry the Zombies are well protected and will react accurately to you shooting them. However be aware they will attack you and attempt to wipe you out. Poor drills and bad shooting will result in your death or contamination. You have been warned!
Click the link for more info ==> RAM Training LTD

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