Sunday, March 4, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution

The Resident Evil films have been a mixed bag for me. Milla Jovovich is perfectly cast as the heroine of the long-running franchise and Paul W.S. Anderson has done a great job of keeping his vision of the R.E. universe consistent.

The first Resident Evil was awesome and ended on such a great note that my expectations were high for the sequel. Resident Evil: Apocalypse was a bit of a let-down but was still a fun as hell movie. R.E. Extinction was, in my opinion, the worst of the series. Plodding, boring and pretty much uneccesary, it was the worst in the series. In 2010, Jovovich and Anderson (who wrote all the previous films but hadn't directed since the first film) came back with guns blazing (yeah, I went there) in R.E. Afterlife. Later this year, R.E. Retribution will be released and again, expectations are high. The franchise has legs and a fan base that is dedicated enough to keep it profitable. The trailer for the newest film is clever and if it delivers as well as the trailer, I'd be up for a sixth round.

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