Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Discover, Read and Support Original Indie Comics with Emanata for iPad

New digital comic and visual story reader provides curated, original content from talented independent artists

Emanata is the first digital comic book reader and storefront for iPad designed to showcase and support independent artists, offering them a dedicated platform to get their work discovered and enjoyed by new audiences. A selection of features has been added to improve discoverability for new stories and comics, making it even easier for users to follow and support their favorite artists. The slick new UI offers a constant stream of original content from indie creators. The app also supports retina display for a beautiful and fluid reading experience. Download Emanata now for free and browse the work of dozens of emerging new artists at

With Emanata, users can browse all types of free comics as well as purchase premium stories within the app to directly support the artists they like. The app’s new built-in news feed makes it even easier to follow specific creators and keep up with their latest work. The reader can also use in-app social tools to share memorable works with friends via email, social network, and on the Web.

“Tablet devices are the natural platform to showcase great art and storytelling. We want to provide a dedicated place where the independent artists can find new audiences, and for the connoisseur of comic books to discover something unexpected and edgy,” said George Chen, CEO of Emanata.

Emanata’s growing indie artist community is vibrant due to a number of industry veterans with their own successful IPs joining early including Malachi Ward and Eisner Award nominee, Erin Mehlos. On Emanata, all artists retain complete control over the rights to their work and can choose to offer their content either as a free download or earn revenue by selling chapters and individual stories via in-app purchase. Publishing content is completely free, allowing artists to reach a new audience and grow their readership.

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