Friday, August 8, 2014

Super Heroes Minifigures Building Toys

Okay, I don’t condone "unofficial" merchandise, but when @BubbaShelby from Twitter pointed these out on his blog Toyriffic, I had to hit eBay and pick these up!  I’m not a collector of Lego or Lego minifigures because they never really were my thing, but I had to have that Heath Ledger Joker.  The “Super Heroes Minifigures Building Toys,” as they’re called, arrived from China within about a week and a half of the close of the auction.  They were very reasonably priced with a total of $3.90 shipped.

The quality of the minifigures is actually pretty decent considering that they’re bootlegs.  The Joker, for some reason, comes with a laser blaster.  Despite the awkward accessory, he looks great.  Black Widow, Wolverine, and Phoenix all come with two different faces.  A lot of times bootleg figures tend to be horribly made with cheap plastic and bad paint jobs, but this is not the case here. Though not as well-made as an actual Lego Minifigure, they're great looking additions to your collection if you're like me and have to add that Nolan-styled Joker for your collection. 

Captain America and The Joker

Spider-Man and Black Widow

Wolverine and Phoenix

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  1. And wouldn't you know it, but LEGO actually announced an official Heath Ledger Joker minifigure - of course it will be part of a very expensive Tumbler set, so you're still doing well at $3.90 shipped for this one and all his...pals!