Thursday, September 18, 2014

'What If...' Michael Bay Directed Spider-Man?

For those that have been to a flea market, you know that bootleg toys of big franchises like Toy Story, Monster High, and Batman can be found in abundance. For the most part, they are inexpensive, made of cheap plastic, and have horrible paint jobs. The ones I spotted recently while strolling around the Santa Cruz flea market were no exception. The thing that made me ask, "What the...?!?!" was the fact that this 'Ultimate Spider-Man' figure set included Venom, Black Cat, Spider-Man and...wait for it...a red dinosaur (Spider-Saur?) that had Spider-Man stickers adorning it. I can only imagine that in some alternate universe, this is an actual set of toys from a shitty Michael Bay-produced Spider-Man/Transformers crossover film with lots of explosions, Shia doing his best "Amazing Bag-Man" schtick, and Megan Fox giving yet another Oscar-worthy performance as the Black Cat.

FYI- As tempted as I was to pick up the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' set, I saved my $8.00 for some tasty asada fries from the taco cart instead. No regrets.


  1. This ridiculous set caught my eye too - I even pointed it out to my daughter!

    You should have let me know you were in town!

  2. It was a spur o the moment thing or else I would have. Had to kill a couple of hours, so we decided to hit the flea market. I'll definitely let you know the next time!