Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Heebie Jeebiez Enchant-dead DollieZ on Etsy

Heebie Jeebiez had a stand at this years Walker Stalker Con and their display blew me away. They take old, unwanted dolls and fashion them into "Recycled Nightmares of the Crawling Dead." My favorite piece (pictured below) was the Carrie Fissure doll dressed as Princess Leia, complete with hair buns! Heebie Jeebiez has a shop on Etsy where you can purchase their awesome one-of-a-kind recycled dolls like Miley Virus, Audrey Heartburn, and Thirston Howls. You can also check out their Facebook page for more info.

via Etsy:

Underneath a stack of old toys at a yard sale or on a shelf at a thrift store, lay abandoned baby dolls that are tossed aside, used, abused and no longer wanted or loved. Then a magic man or some say mad man comes along and gives them a new beginning, a re-birth. During their meticulous transformation, under layers of paint, their new personalities are slowly revealed. Teeth start to appear, eyes go black as the night or shine white as the moon. The skin turns pale and rotten and black goo seeps from their nose, mouth and ears. A new hunger rumbles in their bellies for the taste of brains and blood. The re-birth virus has been completed and they are now no longer forsaken bodies of plastic. They are now ankle biting, creepy-cute, crawling dead Heebie JeebieZ Enchant-dead DollieZ!

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