Thursday, August 6, 2015

Custom Funko POP Ant-Man

Over the last couple of months I've really gotten into making my own custom Funko POP figures. I had been purchasing so many from other artists that it was becoming expensive. That's when I decided, "Hey, why not try doing them yourself?" So I started researching methods and products to use on YouTube and toy forums all over the interwebs. I've been working at it for almost three months and have made about thirty customs. They range from repaints to simple head switches.

My most recent are these Ant-Man Unmasked customs. The first version, or "prototype," was made using a Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) POP head and Ant-Man bobblehead. The idea struck when I was taking apart Sheldon because I wanted to repaint him as Hawkeye. I had the head off and an Ant-Man POP was sitting on the table next to me and I thought, "I wonder if I could fit the head inside and make an unmasked version." With that, I proceeded to remove Ant-Man's head and tried to figure out just how I was going to make it happen. Ultimately, it took an exacto knife, a hairdryer, and LOTS and LOTS of patience! I have since been using the Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) head from the 21 Jump Street line instead of Sheldon's as it's significantly smaller and I like the way it fits into the mask a lot better.

Below are the Sheldon "prototype," regular unmasked version, and a "Battle Damaged" glow-in-the-dark Hot Topic Exclusive version.

The Sheldon Prototype

Updated version with Schmidt head

Glow-in-the-dark "Battle Damaged" version

Right side view

Left side view

Back view

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