Saturday, September 3, 2016

Unboxing My Loot Crate Dream Crate: COOONNNNN!!!

I'm a huge fan of geek-themed subscription boxes, so much so that I've tried just about every one out there. There is only one subscription service that I've consistently kept active and that's Loot Crate. It's the one box that continually delivers on their promise of bringing geeks the best and the coolest exclusives. It's obvious that they're just as geeky as we are, and that's why they're the best they are at what they do.

What I love about them is the fact that they truly care about what their fans think. They regularly send out e-mails asking for subscribers to take part in surveys about what they'd love to see in future boxes. I've filled them out several times throughout the years and appreciate that they look for feedback on how to improve. When they asked what my Dream Crate would be, I leapt at the chance to share with them just what it would look like.

First, I had to come up with a theme for my Dream Crate. That was no small task considering that it feels like they've already come up with every cool idea under the sun. I finally landed upon a theme that I think we'd all love to see: "COOONNNNN!!!" Living on California's Central Coast, I (luckily) have a few that I can attend when con season hits. Big WOW!, Monterey Comic Con, Salinas Comic Con, APE, San Francisco Comic Con, and Silicon Valley Comic Con are all within driving distance. We geeks love a good comics convention and my crate would celebrate that and include some fun and useful con-themed items.

Attending a convention means you'll be spending a lot of time waiting in lines and also spending all your money buying tons of collectibles. For that, you need something to carry all of your snacks, supplies, and collectibles. On that end, the first item in my crate would be this awesome Boba Fett Mandalorian Armor Backpack. It's got a ton of storage pockets to hold everything you need as well as all your cool con swag!

Being at a con means you'll be surrounded by tons of celebrities and cosplayers. I always tend to take A LOT of pictures of them with my iPhone, which means my phone needs to stay charged at all times. The next item in my crate would keep it well-charged so I don't miss the opportunity to get a selfie with a Stormtrooper. This Warcraft Horde powerbank has two USB ports and even lights up!

As those who have attended a con can tell you, things can get pretty warm in those convention halls. One has to keep themselves well-hydrated, especially if you're spending the whole day in costume. This Doctor Who water bottle is the perfect addition to the crate.  

One of my favorite items to receive in a crate are the exclusive figures. As those who frequent this blog or my instagram (@popgeekery) know, I'm a HUGE Funko fan. So when Loot Crate and Funko team up for an exclusive POP! figure, those are always my favorite items. The next item in my Dream Crate would be an exclusive signed POP! figure of the man himself, Stan Lee. Have him wearing a Loot Crate T-shirt and throw him in a hard Funko POP! stack and this would be awesome!

We've gotten beanies in past crates, but I'm more of a snapback fan, myself. Since I wear them on the regular, one thing I've always wanted to receive in a crate that I haven't seen before is a hat. This Black Panther snapback would be included in my crate.

The next item would be this awesome Deadpool bomber jacket. It'd be perfect for keeping warm during all those after-hours shenanigans after the con. Usually this type of item would be in Loot Wear, but this is my Dream Crate, so why not?

For the final two items in my Dream Crate, I'm gonna have to go BIG. It's been a dream to be able to get to the big show, so one of the last items in my crate would be considered my Golden Ticket. Yup, this crate would include tickets to the Big Daddy of all conventions, San Diego Comic-Con! Of course, like The Doctor, I couldn't travel alone; I'd have to bring along my frequent Con-panion (did I just make up a new word?) and favorite Harley Quinn cosplayer @jess_medina!

Finally, to round out the full COOOONNNN!!! experience, I'd have to have a costume, right? So this crate would include an RPCStudios costume of my favorite comic character, Spider-Man! The Underoos version with the faceshell and lenses is THE coolest looking costume of the web-slinger I've ever seen. It'd be the perfect item to round out this geek's dream crate.

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