Sunday, February 5, 2017

Po-Zu and Star Wars to Release New Line of Eco-conscious Shoes

Po-Zu, is a shoe company that was started "from the back room of a little house in Islington, London" and makes shoes from naturally renewable resources. Their goal is to make eco-conscious shoes and they even, whenever possible, ship their shoes by seas in order to save "approximately 15 tons of C02 a year compared to airfreight." They also pay their workers a fair wage and donate a part of their sales to charities. If you want to learn more about their shoes and the ways they try to have a positive impact when other shoe company's do not, check out their website and support them if you can! 

With all of that, can Po-Zu possibly get any more awesome? It's hard, but yes, they can! They are set to release a line of Star Wars shoes later this year that I know you guys are going to love. They've recently revealed three shoes themed around the characters we all love from the Star Wars saga. There are three models; Chewie, Resistance, and Rey. The Resistance and Rey shoes are definitely on our wish list! Check them out below and keep an eye on their website for more info.

via Po-Zu:



This vegan high-top lace-up sneaker will be available from August for women’s, men’s and children; made in organic cotton with the symbol of the Rebel Alliance rubberized badge. Key features include a quilted rear hexagonal panel, removable memory-foam Foot-Mattress™ (allows orthotics placement) in latex and cork, a high-performance grip natural rubber sole, and a highly visible woven ‘Star Wars™|Po-Zu’ woven label on a padded tongue.


As the chilly winter winds sweep, prepare to be shod like a Wookiee with our forthcoming AW17 Star Wars Po-Zu boot. We are thrilled to launch this key model called Chewie, from our co-branded collection; a rather perfect complement to every Chewbacca outfit, or, possibly more snazzy with a pair of skinny jeans.

These Wookiee warrior boots will be available from August this year for women and children. They are vegan, made in faux fur, with a built-in shock-absorbing coconut fibre Foot-Mattress™, and a highly flexible natural latex sole.

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