Sunday, August 8, 2010

Have You Met Super Meat Boy?

I was recently CD shopping at the local Streetlight Records when I happened upon a shelf full of flyers. On that shelf I found a copy of a comic called "Super Meat Boy." After going through the comic and laughing my ass off I went straight to the computer and typed in to find out more about Meat. Just who is Super Meat Boy? According to the comic, he's "a boy made of raw meat who leaves a trail of blood wherever he goes. He's like The Little Engine That Could, Obama and Jesus wrapped into one. He's that awesome."

Super Meat Boy is the brainchild of Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes. The two creators will soon be bringing Super Meat Boy to your computer or console this Summer on XBLA, WiiWare, and PC. The official description of the game:

In Super Meat Boy you take the role of a small animated cube of meat on his quest to save his lady love Band-Aid girl from the clutches of the evil Dr. Fetus! Sliding his way through saw mills, salt factories and even hell itself, Meat boy jumps into action in this fast paced and extremely challenging platformer that will "melt your face off".

Super Meat Boy features platforming madness spanning over 300 levels of saws, disease, fire, lasers, missiles, and various other traps that Meat Boy must avoid to rescue is lady love.

Isn't that one awesome looking trailer? I CANNOT wait for this to be released. I've never downloaded a game for any of my consoles but I WILL be getting this bad boy on the Wii. Oh, FYI, if you simply cannot wait for to get your hands on some Meat, Super Meat Boy Handheld is now available on the iTunes AppStore for the low low price of $0.99!!! Unfortunately, I haven't had the Iphone Kool-Aid myself yet so I have to wait.

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