Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Put A (Geeky) Lid On It!

Most of us wear our geek on our sleeve. Literally. Everywhere you look there are people wearing tee's of their favorite comic book characters. Places like TeeFury and Ript get a lot of my money for their fan designed limited edition tee's. Lately though, because it's summer and so darn sunny in California, I've started collecting hats. I think it's my new addiction. Here, a few of the coolest hats that geekdom has to offer.

Captain America Multi Fabric Cap
America! This fitted Cap (see what I did there?) is made of 75% leather, 15% nylon and 10% ripstop. It retails for $49.99 (no, not a typo). You can check it out at

Optimus Prime 59FIFTY Big Face Cap
More than meets the eye! I need to order this bad boy soon. This awesome fitted cap is made of 100% polyester and 1,000% awesome. It also retails for $49.99 and is also available at

Tokidoki 59FIFTY Hats
Marvel teamed up with Tokidoki to produce a collection of shirts, hoodies and hats based on popular Marvel characters. There are hats of Wolverine, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Doctor Doom and more.The hats retail from anywhere between $29.99 to $39.99 Check them out at and

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