Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Geeky Gift Idea #3- ComiXpress Print-on- Demand Comics

Do you know a voracious comic book reader that loves discovering new titles? How about heading over to ComiXpress print-on-demand service and picking up a few indie titles for that special someone!

"Since 2004, ComiXpress has been proud to be the creator's choice for short-run print on demand comics and trade paperbacks.

Founded by comic creators to serve the indie, self-publishing and small-press comic community, we offer only the highest quality printing, backed by years of extensive pre-press and design knowledge."

You can pick up single issues, graphic novels and even zines at ComiXpress. Be aware that as they are a print-on-demand service, you will have to account for that extra time when ordering a gift.

Some of the hundreds of titles available at ComiXpress:

Mysterious creatures, Ancient Mud Gods, Evil Insectoid Scientists – Just another day in the town of Apocalypse, Ohio!

Experience the adventures of Diego, Jane, Alyssa, and the rest of the Explorers gang in this first collection, containing 8 action-packed tales!
Eight times the ACTION! Eight times the SUSPENSE! Are you an Explorer?!

Bullies out for blood, teachers that love to watch you squirm, and a girl who doesn't know you exist. As if high school wasn't hard enough, Zander Young has just learned that he is destined to save the universe.

And if Zander can start believing in himself then he might just do it.
- A kid friendly property from Paper Street Comics that contains the first two issue arc of the series!
Dan is stuck in the melancholy of corporate space with nowhere to go but down. Constantly being sent on dangerous missions in a less than average ship, Dan fights his desire to leave it all behind. But on one particular mission, Dan finds his way into the middle of an adventure unlike anything he has ever experienced before.

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