Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Geeky Gift Idea #5- Nineteen Eighty Five by James Reitano

Admittedly, this Geeky Gift Idea is based on the fact that the town that this comic takes place in is near and dear to my heart. James Reitano's Nineteen Eighty Five is about a graffiti artist in a small California beach town (Santa Cruz). Having grown up with this "beach town" as my playground, seeing it come alive in a comic book is a total joy for me. When I was growing up, "tagging" could be seen everywhere; walls of stores, schools, street signs and even cars. Reitano perfectly captures the era when graffiti was a burgeoning expression of art in Santa Cruz.

"Nineteen Eighty Five documents the adventures of a young graffiti artist and his colleagues in a small beach town during the mid-eighties. Count is a 15 year old who is desperatley trying to prove himself to his peers and foes alike, all the while keeping clear from the authorities. Starting as just a handful of friends, the group of graffiti artists soon grows into a small community."
There are four volumes available at the shop for $9.95 each and each volume comes with a different CD filled with exclusive mixes from Peanut Butter Wolf, Kutmasta Kurt, DJ Imperial and Bubba G. Scotch!

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