Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Marvel/Funko Collector Corps Box Debuts

Marvel and Funko have teamed up to bring Marvel fans a brand new subscription box, Marvel Collector Corps. For the low low price of $25.00 plus shipping Marvel/Funko guarantee "Every Box! Every Item! 100% No Fluff" six times a year. Being a Marvel fan, I couldn't pass up signing up for this service. Especially since they announced their debut boxes theme: Age of Ultron and that there would be an exclusive 6" Hulkbuster POP! inside.

So, did the box live up to the hype? For the price (which came out to roughly $31.00), I would have to say that YES, it was worth every penny! Most of the time with monthly subscription boxes like these (I order a couple), I tend to only want to keep a handful of the items. This is okay, since the extras I can easily throw in a bag and give away as birthday gifts. With the Marvel Collector Corps box, however, I will be keeping all of the items for myself. The next boxes theme is Ant-Man, set to tie in with the upcoming movie. I will definitely be keeping my subscription active for that one. So, what was in the box? Take look at the pictures below to get a peek!

Very cool design on a very big box!

The inside boasts some cool comic art

A peek inside

Guardians Team-Up Variant, Ultron Dorbz, pin, and patch

Exclusive Hulkbuster POP! and Exclusive Ultron Dorbz

Exclusive Thor vs. Ultron T-shirt

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