Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lego First Order Stormtrooper Buildable Figure

Back in December, before they were released over here, I ordered the new Rey and First Order Stormtrooper Lego Buildable Figures from the UK. My Google-fu came up short with a release date in the U.S. and I had to have them, so I decided to have them imported. I received them in the mail well over a month ago, but have been too busy to put them together. I was finally able to get a bit of free time, so what better way to spend it then putting this guy together.

I've never put together a Lego buildable figure, which seem to be almost exactly like Lego's Bionicle line. Inside the box were two bags of Lego pieces and an instruction booklet. Luckily, with the detailed and super easy to follow instructions, it was a breeze. You start with the core and build out from there. The finished product looks pretty good and takes roughly half an hour to finish. With five other figures in the Force Awakens line (Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, Rey, Captain Phasma, and Finn), I'm definitely looking forward to collecting and building them all.

Also available: Kylo, Rey, Phasma, Finn & Poe

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