Saturday, February 27, 2016

Unboxing February's Loot Crate: Dead

February, the month of candy, hearts, flowers, and LOVE. For normal folk. For Geeks it's also the month that sees the return of The Walking Dead on AMC. Because of that, Loot Crate brings subscriber's "Dead" as this month's theme. It's filled with, of course, some pretty neat swag from The Walking Dead and that "Merc with a Mouth,"  Deadpool. All in all, this was a fun box that well exceeded its $20 price tag.

First up is a really neat Loot pin featuring a Zombified Loot Crate "in search of its next victim." It's only the second month, but I'm really digging the new style of pins they're putting out this year. They're fun, well designed, and the quality is much nicer than the older ones (which I always gave away). Loot Crate is going to be including a shirt in each box this year and this one was awesome- an exclusive Deadpool "Tacos?!" tee. This is the perfect shirt for Taco Tuesday!

This month's exclusive figure comes from Quantum Mechanix and was a very cool Deadpool Q-Fig. There were two versions- a regular red version and an X-Force variant. Supposedly the red is packed 9:10 and the variant comes 1:10. Lucky lucky me received the rarer X-Force variant. I may have to go to evilBay to score a regular edition (because I NEED both).

Next we get the new Loot Crate magazine. This issue was jam packed with some great articles/features. There was an interview with i-Zombie's Rahul Kohli, a "How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse" guide, a closer look at Deadpool, and a recipe for "Deadpool's Delicious Tacos." It looks like the new year also brought a new Loot Crate magazine, filled with bigger and better content.

Finally, we got a handful of sweet The Walking Dead exclusives. The first was a soap-on-a-rope replica of Daryl's ear necklace. Yeah, you read that right. Awkward, but cool. Next was a TWD "Big Head" build-a-figure blind bag from McFarlane Toys. A cool variant on the regular version sold in stores; I received Rick. Finally was a code to unlock Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival mobile game, which is apparently a "rare" character and is a $10.00 value.

Inside this month's crate:

- The Walking Dead Carl Grimes DLC (Scopely)
- February 2016 Loot Pin (Loot Crate Labs)
- The Walking Dead Soap-on-a-Rope (A Crowded Coop)
- The Walking Dead Big Head Figure Construction Set (McFarlane Toys)
- Deadpool Tacos T-Shirt (Fifth Sun)
- Deadpool Q-Fig Figure (Quantum Mechanix)

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