Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Unboxing July's Legion of Collector's: Suicide Squad

This is the first Funko Legion of Collectors box that I've ordered. The themes of the first two didn't interest me, so I passed (and don't necessarily regret that decision). But when they announced that ordering the box was the only way to complete the Suicide Squad set, they hooked me. I had started collecting the Suicide Squad POP!'s, so my collection wouldn't feel complete without whichever one was inside. It became obvious to fans that the POP! was going to be The Enchantress because she's the only character that didn't get a retail release.

The first items inside were an awesome Katana patch and Deadshot pin. For the most part, I've been a big fan of the pins and patches from their subscription boxes, and these ones were keepers. Next was a copy of Suicide Squad #1 with a POP!-style Harley Quinn variant cover. The T-Shirt this time around was a Suicide Squad shirt with Harley, The Joker, Deadshot, Katana, and Rick Flagg.

Next was the debut of Funko's 3.75" line of action figures. Two were included in the box, The Joker and Harley Quinn. I actually find myself preferring these figures over the recently released Suicide Squad BAF ones. Funko revealed that they had four possible designs for the action figures. They were going to make Harley included in all of the boxes, and The Joker was to be the "chase variant" before deciding that, "most fans would love to have Joker + Harley as a pair!"

Last, but not least, the POP! that everyone was anticipating, Enchantress. The initial plan was to include a Joker variant POP! in the box, but Funko said, "after seeing her on the cover of Empire Magazine, we were able to get her designed and received approval to create her as a POP!" I have to say that this is one gorgeous POP! figure. The detail on it is so awesome that pictures don't really do it justice! You'd have to see it up close to really appreciate it.

Inside this month's box:

-Katana Patch
-Deadshot Pin
-Suicide Squad T-Shirt
-The Joker 3.75" Action Figure
-Harley Quinn 3.75" Action Figure
-Suicide Squad #1 Variant Comic
-Enchantress POP! Figure

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