Monday, January 30, 2017

Unboxing a Christmas Gift From Funko!

As followers here are well aware, I'm a HUGE fan of subscription boxes and Funko. When they started their own subscription box, Marvel Collector Corps, I couldn't subscribe fast enough! Since then, Funko has partnered with DC for Legion of Collectors, and Star Wars for their Smuggler's Bounty box. To give subscribers a chance to try out a subscription box they don't normally order, Funko gifted some of their loyal subscribers a free box for Christmas.

I was one of the fans lucky enough to receive one of those free boxes! Mine arrived at my door with a picture of Jabba on the top of the box. Before I even opened it, I knew what was inside. I was excited because I had seen others posting pictures of the contents on social media when the box was first released. Being a Star Wars fan, I was happy to get the exclusive R2-D2 POP! figure inside. Also in the box was an exclusive C-3PO hat, Jabba the Hutt mug, pin, patch, and a plush Boba Fett. It was awesome of Funko to do this for their fans and I appreciated the hell out of it. Thanks again, Funko!

Inside the box:

- Gamorrean Guard Pin
- Leia Boushh Pin
- Jabba the Hutt POP! Mug
- R2-D2 POP! Figure
- C-3PO Hat
- Boba Fett Plush

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