Monday, May 15, 2017

Unboxing April's Loot Crate: Investigate

Loot Crate's theme for the month of April, "Investigate", brings together some of our most celebrated sleuths. Items from The X-Files, Stranger Things, Jessica Jones, and Batman could all be uncovered in the latest crate. Overall, the latest box was pretty awesome, but I think they missed an opportunity by excluding the greatest detective of all time- Sherlock Holmes. Anything from the character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have been an awesome addition to the box.

The first item inside is a Batman color-changing mug. Fill the mug with any hot beverage to reveal the bat signal, shining over Gotham City. I didn't necessarily need another mug, but this one is pretty darn cool.

Next up were the monthly T-shirt and pin. The shirt is an homage to the cover of Uncanny X-Men #134. It features characters from Netflix's Stranger Things taking the place of Marvel's mutants on this exclusive tee. The pin, a mini-tape recorder, also comes with digital downloads of two X-Files and two Metropolis comics!

The final items come from X-Files and Marvel's Jessica Jones. Looter's received an exclusive set of four X-Files pencils and a sharpener. The last item, from Jessica Jones, is hands down the best item in the box. The Exclusive Jessica Jones figure joins the growing line of previous Q-Figs from past crates which included Batman and Deadpool amongst others.

In April's crate:

-Stranger Things T-shirt (Netflix, Loot Crate)
-Batman Color-Changing Mug (DC Comics, Zak! Designs)
-Mini-Tape Recorder Pin (Loot Crate)
-X-Files Digital Comics (Comixology, IDW)
-Metropolis (Comixology, Delcourt)
-X-Files Pencil and Sharpener Set (20th Century Fox, A Crowded Coop)
-Jessica Jones Q-Fig (Marvel, QMx)

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