Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Unboxing April's Marvel Collector Corps: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 launches into theaters this Thursday. To celebrate, Marvel Collector Corps is jam packed with the MCU's biggest A-holes. Last time the Guardians were featured in an MCC box, it was Christmas themed. While I personally loved it, there were a lot of fans that were very vocal about their dissapointment. This box should more than make up for any complaints fans had about the last one.

The first items in the box are, as always, the patch and pin. This month's patch features the galaxy's biggest outlaw, Star-Lord. The pin showcases "the deadliest woman in the galaxy, Gamora!" These are definitely some of MCC's best patches and pins to date.

Next up is an exclusive variant of Marvel's Secret Empire #0. The comic features Rocket and Groot jamming to Star-Lord's mix tape. The cover is by Ben Butcher, Funko's Vice President. I have yet to dig into Secret Empire, so this was definitely an awesome addition to the box.

This month's shirt features the Guardians along with the newest members of the team, Yondu and Mantis! Fun trivia from the box: "Mantis first appeared in the Avengers #112 in 1973!" I wasn't too fond of the colors of this shirt, but having the whole team on there is definitely cool (though I wish Nebula were also featured). Will definitely be wearing this to the Thursday premiere.

The final items in the box were definitely biggies! First we got the "MCC's first two-character POP!" in Rocket and Groot. Baby Groot (who is also a bobble-head!) is hitching a ride on Rocket's head. I was hoping for a new Yondu POP! figure since there wasn't one included in the first wave, but I'm definitely not complaining about this one. Too cute!

Finally, we got an all new Dorbz Ridez featuring Star-Lord with the Milano. The Milano is attached to a base and comes with an unmasked Star-Lord Dorbz. How cool is that?!?! This is the first MCC Dorbz ride and is hands down the best item in the box.

Inside April's MCC:

- Star-Lord Patch
- Gamora Pin
- Secret Empire #0 Variant Cover
- Guardians of the Galaxy POP! T-shirt
- Rocket with Groot Funko POP! Figure
- Star-Lord with The Milano Dorbz Ridez

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