Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doctor Who Video Games!

With the popularity of Doctor Who, it's been weird that the property has been absent from the video game landscape. It would seem that the Doctor would be a perfect fit for a video game with its excellent villains (The Daleks, The Weeping Angels, The Cybermen). I mean, how AWESOME would it be to stop a Dalek invasion? The only game that's been released since the series' return has been a Top Trumps card game that was available on PS2, DS, Wii and PC. It was not a well-received game. Now comes word that there will be a new Wii game out in time for Christmas. David Tennant, was qouted as saying, "The video game was quite actively developed, but it's difficult to nail as the Doctor doesn't blow things up." Does this mean the game will feature the tenth Doctor or will it be changed to tie into the current Doctor's adventures?

While that question has yet to be answered, the BBC announced their plans to release the first official PC/Mac games called Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. There will be four adventures that will be available to download free throught the fifth season as they will be tied to the series. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will reprise their roles and the scripts will be written by Phil Ford and James Moran. The games are being produced by Steven Moffat with music by Murray Gold. Look for the first game on June 5th, 2010 at the official Doctor Who website.

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