Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free Comic Book Day is coming!!!

Every year the comics industry holds an annual promotion in an effort to bring new readers into the medium as well as to help get customers into comic shops. The origins of Free Comic Book day are rooted in Concord, California. Joe Field, owner of the Flying Colors comic shop was inspired by the Free Cone Day held every year by the Baskin-Robbins across the street from his shop. Field contacted several comics distributors about doing something similar and the rest is history. The event is held every first Saturday in May, usually coinciding with the release of a big-screen movie adaptation of a comic property. This year, "Iron Man 2" is the first comic movie being released.

For those in the Santa Cruz area, you can head on over to Atlantis Fantasyworld (1020 Cedar Street) or Comicopolis (829 Front Street) to pick up your free comics. Atlantis always has some great deals that run the whole weekend and usually their comic book bucks are worth double! The special guest at Atlantis this year will be Sergio Aragones, best known for his work on MAD Magazine, from 1-5 p.m. Atlantis will have a limited 8 1/2'' x 11'' print created by Sergio, specially for this event and all proceeds from the print will go to the CBLDF. For those not in the area you can locate your local comic shop at Have fun and support your local comic shop!

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  1. I'm so looking forward to Free Comic Book Day. Trying to figure out how many stores I can visit to get a peek at what they do to celebrate.