Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FanimeCon 2010

I got to attend my first anime convention this past weekend at the San Jose Convention Center. FanimeCon, which took place May 27-30, is “by fans, for fans.” I became a casual fan when I was introduced to the Gundam Wing series. I became even more interested in it after taking a class on animation around the world (half of the class semester concentrated on anime). The convention ran 24 hours a day with the wee hours of programming consisting of marathons of Robotech and other series and even some hentai titles (I will never understand the appeal). There were also quite a few panels such as Anime Podcasting for N00bs, Amateur Voice Acting: How To, Basic Cosplay Photography and Dark Horse Manga. Unfortunately I was only in attendance on Friday and I didn’t make any panels. Most of my time was spent wandering around taking in all of the costumes and watching anime. Not all costumes were anime related. There were a couple of Stitches (Lilo and Stitch), a Pac-Man, Gambit, Buffy, a few Mario’s and even a Doctor Who with a little remote control Dalek. The costumes were elaborate and I almost wished I were into the whole Cosplay craze. I’m not one with the patience or skill to put a costume together but I do enjoy and appreciate those who do. Everyone who was in costume was more than happy to let people take their pictures and many of them even got into character when getting their pics taken.

Anime was constantly being played in several different rooms. There was a room for Fansubs, Nostalgia, Omake/Film, Marathons, Industry and more. I was very excited to finally get to see “Evangelion: 1.11 you are (not) alone” I’m definitely one who prefers dubs to subs. I love foreign films and have no problem watching one, but when it comes to my anime I prefer not to read. For me it’s because anime is so visual and the images often move so fast that I want to take it all in without having to read and try to catch everything going on. Unfortunately, when asked how we wanted to watch it, the overwhelming response was subbed. In fact, I think I was the only one that wanted to see it dubbed. Many were making comments on how dubs “sucked.” I’ll never understand the hate they get. Despite the lack of a dub track I enjoyed the film.

I got to try the popular snack Pocky for the very first time. I picked up a package of both the chocolate and strawberry flavors. They were only $1.00 a box, which apparently is super cheap. They were selling like hot cakes so I figured I’d give ‘em a go. I wasn’t really impressed by the strawberry flavor. They were downright horrible. Even though I’m not a big chocolate person, I thought they weren’t bad.

The convention also had a game room where you could play arcade games and even board games. They also had tables set up where you could play Nintendo, PSone, Nintendo 64, Wii, Dreamcast and Super Nintendo games. There were also other cool events like a Black and White ball, a swap meet, a concert by J-Pop acts LM.C and FLOW and self-defense workshops. Overall, I had a great time and wished I could’ve made it everyday. Especially since the entrance fee was $30.00 for a single day ($60.00 for the weekend). I’ll definitely have to clear my schedule for the whole weekend next year.

Some pics of my favorite costumes:


  1. Mmm, chocolate Pocky!

    It sounds like a super fun time, and that is Princess Zelda towards the bottom right? The costume looks really awesome.

  2. Yup, that was Zelda. Her costume was awesome. My one picture doesn't do it justice. My favorite was, hands down, the guy that dressed as Dhalsim from the Street Fighter series.