Monday, July 28, 2014

The Greatest American Heroine

When Marvel recently announced that Thor would no longer be wielding Mjolnir and that the mantle would be taken up by a woman, it made me remember one other hero that was once deemed unworthy of their title. In the pilot episode of The Greatest American Heroine, Ralph Hinkley's (The Greatest American Hero) identity was exposed to he world. He soon became a celebrity, making appearances on television and not long after that, his ego began to get out of control. It became so bad that the aliens that originally gave Ralph his suit returned to Earth and asked him to pick a successor. Eventually, Ralph chose Holly Hathaway to don the cape, much to the chagrin of Ralph's partner Bill Maxwell. The pilot wasn't picked up, but if it had been, it would have concentrated on Bill and Holly working together much like he did with Ralph in the original series.  

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