Saturday, February 7, 2015

NECA Avengers "Captain America" 1/4 Scale Action Figure

NECA is known for putting out some of the best looking collectibles on the market. Their 1/4 scale figures come with some of the best sculpts in the business and are a great alternative to the more expensive Hot Toys line. NECA's Captain America- Unmasked Battle damaged 1/4 scale action figure is an amazing piece and would be an awesome addition to any collection. 

Based on Captain America's appearance in the first Avengers film, the figure stands at an impressive 18" and has 25 points of articulation. It comes in an impressively designed box that features Cap's shield and "A" on the front and the back features a character description and creator credits. The sculpt on this figure is amazingly detailed; its likeness of Chris Evans is comparable to that of anything that Hot Toys has done. Even the costume is impressively detailed, right down to his boots. The figure comes with interchangeable hands and Cap's iconic shield. 

For all the things that NECA got right with this thing, it's not without its flaws. The weight of this thing makes it, at times, hard to stand up as it is top heavy. Trying to put Cap in certain poses can cause him to fall over. Another issue is paint flaking on the interchangeable hands. Though it's not that big of a deal as it's not visible once the hands are in their socket, it is an issue that some may not be happy about. Beyond that, there isn't anything that I've found to complain about. At a retail price of $99.99, this figure is a steal and can be found on Amazon.

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