Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Doctor Who "The Vampires of Venice" Custom Funko POP!'s

I've added two more custom POP! figures to the collection recently. They are Amy Pond and Rory Williams from "The Vampires of Venice" episode of Doctor Who. Since we're getting official POP!'s of our favorite Doctors and villains, with no word yet on any of his companions, I had to have someone for The Doctor to go on adventures with. The figures came in really well-designed custom boxes. This little perk was definitely appreciated as some of the ones I've purchased have come without their original box. That attention to detail extends to the figures themselves. They are top-notch customs that the artist obviously put a lot of time into. Rory is even accurate down to the shirt he wore to his stag party! Unfortunately, Amy comes without her scarf, but that's a minor quibble, because the figure looks great and is just as well done as the Rory figure. Keep scrolling for a closer look at these awesome customs.

These incredible figures were done by Spastic Customs whom you can check out on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and their Etsy store. Please check out their Etsy store for awesome Indiana Jones, Torchwood, Jurassic World customs and more. Very talented artist who I'm hoping to purchase more figures from soon! 

POP!'s came in custom boxes

Love the shirt!

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