Saturday, May 23, 2015

May's 1-Up Unboxing

This is the second month in a row that I ordered the 1-Up box, a "Monthly Box of Epic Gear for Geeks and Gamers." Each month is centered around a theme and for the low price of $12.92/month plus shipping, you receive a box valued at $40.00+ filled with items surrounding the theme and each month includes a "guaranteed exclusive EPIC shirt!" I was really impressed with the previous months box (which featured a Captain America Funko POP and a Mario/Batman T-shirt), that I had to keep my subscription going in order see what they had in store for this month.

The theme of the month was "Sidekick" and 1-Up delivered with some pretty cool items. The box featured six collectibles featuring some of Geekdom's favorite sidekicks from Adventure Time, Star Wars, and Super Mario Bros. Items included a Star Wars drawstring backpack, dog tag, Jake sticker, "Love My Sidekick" wristband, BMO plush, and a Tron-inspired BMO/Yoshi T-shirt. Scroll down to check out what was inside!

Drawstring Backpack

Sticker, wristband, and dog tag

BMO plush and Exclusive T-shirt

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