Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Star Wars Homies from DCA Toys

I came across DCA's store looking at #customtoys on Instagram. Someone had posted a picture of one of their Star Wars pieces, so I had to track down the site because Star Wars. The thing that I loved about them was the mash-up of Star Wars and the Homies line of mini-figures. I remember purchasing Homies (which you can now find on Amazon) from my local grocery store's quarter machines. 

Series 12 Homies Figures

For those who've never seen them before, streetgangs.com has a history of the mini figures on their site:

"In 1998 artist David Gonzales had released the first set of his popular miniature Chicano figures, the Homies, but by May 1999 his first set of 6 figures was receiving strong negative backlash about the Chicano representations in his art. On the one hand there where those that thought his depictions of Chicanos where emphasizing negative stereotypes of Mexican youths in California, but then there were those that appreciated the art and the cultural representations of real people from the barrio."

DCA Toys is "a collaboration of 4 creative minds having fun with resin." Their site has a collection of figures that are the "result of late nights, beer and the need to experiment and create something new." Their Star Wars/Homies line consists of fifteen different figures. I ordered four of their figures (Choldado, Chido Fett, La Sad Girl Leia, and El Chuy) and as a bonus, they sent a bunch of stickers. The quality was great (though my Leia doesn't want to stand) and the shipping was fast. The prices, which vary, are definitely reasonable for what you get. The figures I ordered were $5.00 each before shipping, but prices range from $5.00-$25.00. Scroll down for a closer look at DCA Toys' Star Wars/Homies figures.

Chido Fett, Choldado, La Sad Girl Leia, and El Chuy

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