Saturday, July 18, 2015

Unboxing Nerd Block's "Vinylpalooza" Box

Nerd Block is one of the better-known monthly subscription boxes on the market and has been around for quite some time. I've never ordered one before, mainly for the fact that because it ships from Canada, you need to add another $10.00 above the $19.99 purchase price for shipping. That's a little pricey when you've got several other subscription services going. Once I got the E-mail from Nerd Block that they were doing a one-time special "Vinylpalooza" box featuring a guaranteed 4 vinyl figures (with one guaranteed Funko POP! figure), I knew that I had to order one. They also stated that a limited number of boxes would come with four Funko POP! figures that would ship at random. 

When the box finally arrived on my doorstep, I was pretty excited to tear into it to see what I got. I was really hoping that I would be one of the lucky few to receive a full box of Funko POP!'s. Sadly, I didn't get a full box, but at least the one I did get was one that I didn't already have. Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the vinyl figure selection. Aside from the Funko figure, I wasn't too keen on the other three. As much as I love each of the properties that they came from, I was a bit underwhelmed by the vinyl's. Aside from the Funko, they were all Nerd Block exclusives, which makes me think that they wanted to unload some left over vinyl's. But, it's not a loss at all, because they can either be traded or gifted to others that will appreciate them more. 

Nerd Block "Vinylpalooza" Box-

- Dragonball Z Piccolo Funko POP! Figure

- Titan 4.5" Doctor Who 10th Doctor Nerd Block Exclusive Figure

- Titan 4.5" Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Nerd Block Exclusive Figure

- Titan 4.5" Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vehicle Nerd Block Exclusive   

A peek inside

Nerd Block "Vinylpalooza" Box

Piccolo Funko POP!

Saul Goodman Nerd Block Exclusive

10th Doctor Nerd Block Exclusive

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Nerd Block Exclusive

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