Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Unboxing July's Japan Crate

Last month I tried out a new subscription service called Japan Crate. When you order, you'll receive a monthly box of Japanese candy handpicked by the team at Japan Crate delivered straight to your door. There are three different boxes you can order; Mini: 4-6 items ($12.00/month), Original: 8-10 candies ($25.00/month), and Premium: 10-12 items, including drink, DIY kit, and revolving bonus item ($30/month). More info can be found on the Japan Crate website.

My initial box was the mini and I was pretty impressed with the snacks that I got. This month, I received the premium box and it came with twice as many snacks as my last crate. There were a couple of items that didn't sound super appealing to me, but it's an amazing deal for the number of items you receive.

In this month's box:

Chameleon Candy- Hard candies that change colors like a real chameleon.

Potekoro Cubes- Savory bite-sized cubes with bold black pepper.

Chu Grape Jelly- Japanese Jelly in a convenient package.

Maken Gummy- Hand gummies shaped after rock, paper, scissors.

Adzuki Mizu Yokan- A more traditional Japanese dessert, this red bean snack is sweet with a gel-like texture.

Choco Bar Z Kinako- A crispy wafer stick soaked in Kinako (soy flour) chocolate.

Animal Drawing Sherbet DIY- Use 3 colors to decorate animals, freeze, and enjoy.

Lifeguard Paste- Lifeguard started off as a soda and now comes in many candy forms, like this paste.

Kids Beer- Non-alcoholic apple soda.

Com Potage Chips- Fluffy corn clouds that melt in your mouth. Corn potage is a popular soup in Japan.

Kajiri Chew- A refreshing, chewy cola taffy filled with a layer of citrus soda flavored taffy.

Sour Lemon Gum- 10 pieces of super sour lemon gum.

A peek inside

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