Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LanternCon 2011

DC Comics’ Green Lantern took over WonderCon this year in a big bad way. It seemed that everywhere you looked, The Emerald Knight was staring right back at you. With the Green Lantern film bowing in June and Comic-Con in July, DC/Warner Bros. big push for the film happened this past weekend.

On the show floor, DC hung a huge banner of Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern costume so there was no missing their booth. The booth featured previews of the upcoming action figure line from the movie. They were pretty awesome…until I realized that my wallet is gonna take a big hit trying to collect them all. Mattel also had a booth where they featured yet more GL toys that I’m going to need to buy.

On Friday afternoon Eddie Berganza and Geoff Johns held a Green Lantern panel where they showed off the movie version of Hal’s lantern. Later that night was the big show. Geoff Johns, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds took to the stage for a Q&A session AND several minutes of footage from the new film. How was it? Color me impressed. I am now officially excited for this movie. The first pic of Reynolds in costume was disappointing. I thought it looked horrendous. Then WB premiered the trailer and it was…underwhelming. The footage that was shown that night instantly erased any doubts I had of the film.

Immediately after the Q&A, Warner Bros. treated us to the world premiere screening of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. Without giving anything away, this film continues the tradition of quality animated features being produced by Warner Bros. (You hear that, Marvel? You have A LOT of catching up to do). If you were there and a Green Lantern fan, then you were well taken care of. In fact, WonderCon probably could have changed its name to LanterCon and it would have been totally appropriate.

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