Friday, April 29, 2011

A Peek Inside Doctor Who: The Brilliant Book 2011

Are you obsessed with a fan of The Doctor? Do you look forward to seeing Doctor Who Confidential as much as a new episode of the show? I thought so. Do yourself a favor and go to right now and order this book! The Brilliant Book 2011 has just about EVERYTHING you ever wanted NEEDED to know about the fifth series of Doctor Who. The title may sound a tad pretentious but yes, it is brilliant.

The book is filled with interviews with many of the people involved in creating the show. Everyone from Matt Smith to composer Murray Gold is interviewed and each is given their due in the book. Through the interviews we learn some interesting facts like Steven Moffat has known, "for a very, very long time," who River Song really is. We also learn fun things like Karen Gillan likes bagpipe music, Arthur Darvill would like to see Rory become "a bit more of a hero" and Matt Smith would love to take the TARDIS down to Atlantis. My favorite is with director Ashley Way (The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood) who describes, in detail, the process of directing an episode of Doctor Who. He talks about interviewing for the job all the way up to the editing process.
 The book also contains background info on each episode with fun facts like how Steven Moffat got the idea for the cracks in the universe (“The wall above my son’s bed!”) and a peek at deleted dialogue from the original scripts. It also takes us deeper into the Who Universe with features like “The Lost Diaries of Winston Spencer Churchill” which describes all of his run-ins with different incarnations of the Doctor. Another fun one is a look at a "twitbook" page with pics and comments from Rory's stag party that took place in "The Vampires of Venice" episode. There are also original short stories written by Brian Aldiss (Umwelts for Hire) and David Llewellyn (The Little Planet).
The best part of the book by far has to be the feature, “Do the Drunk Giraffe” which shows you how to dance like The Doctor! The interviews, extensive collection of pictures and all the behind the scenes looks at what goes into producing this amazing show makes this book a steal at $19.99. It's the perfect “companion” piece to the fifth series of the show.

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