Friday, April 8, 2011

WonderCon 2011 Wrap-Up

For the second year in a row I attended WonderCon. This year was leaps and bounds better than I’d anticipated. Last year the big draw (for me) was the chance to attend one of Kevin Smith’s Q&A’s. This year, unfortunately, he was traveling the country showing his new film, “Red State,” and would not be attending. Initially, when I found this out I was sorely disappointed. As it turns out, it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

DC seemed to take over the con with Green Lantern getting a big push. Not only were we treated previews of the upcoming toy line and video game, we also got a panel with Ryan Reynolds, Geoff Johns and Blake Lively. The cherry on top was the premiere of the newest DC animated film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds
 This year seemed a lot more crowded than last. In fact, I’d heard a couple of people grumbling about the number of people in attendance and that they were scared that it would just continue to get bigger, eventually turning into SDCC. It was pretty crowded on the show floor Saturday, but everyone was reasonably gracious and laidback so it wasn’t horrible.

The best part of the weekend was getting to meet so many of my Twitter geek friends. At the Geek Girl Con party I had the chance to have a brief, yet great chat with @PapaLlama. I also (after missing her on Friday) got to finally meet my favorite Twitter pal @amy_geek on Saturday. We got to have a nice chat and I have to say, she’s as awesome in person as she is on the interwebs. Really hoping to see more of these two soon.

In an earlier post I put up a pic of the costume I decided to get together for the con (The Eleventh Doctor). It was the first time I did anything like this and it was partly inspired by two people, @amy_geek and @TheNerdyBird. Seeing them attending all these cons in their awesome costumes made me decide, “What the heck, I’ll give it a try.” As I mentioned before, when comes to cosplay, I’m more of an observer. I have to admit, I dug it. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable but it was fun. It was especially awesome since I had the perfect companion in @TheNerdyBird, who makes a great Amy Pond. It looks like I may be getting another costume together for FanimeCon in San Jose at the end of May (maybe something Pokemon?).

Come Along Pond...
 Will I be back next year? That’s not even a question. I’m hoping WonderCon can retain its small scale and not become bigger than it needs to be. I have yet to attend SDCC but the horror stories I hear from those who regularly attend make me cringe at the thought of having to deal with those kinds of crowds in SF. Though, I wouldn’t mind seeing even more fellow Twitter geeks there next year.

Director Tarsem & cast of "Immortals"


R2-D2 (as if you didn't know)

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