Monday, August 29, 2016

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing: Spider-Man

This month's Marvel Collector Corps featured my favorite character, Spider-Man! When it was announced that everyone's favorite wall-crawler would be the subject of his very own MCC box, I could not wait! My earliest memories of reading comics involve Spider-Man going toe-to-toe with The Vulture. I've been waiting for this box ever since they started the Marvel Collector Corps. I tried my hardest to avoid all spoilers because I wanted to be surprised; unfortunately I couldn't. Despite that, it didn't kill the excitement of opening the box when it arrived at my door.

The first items in the box were an awesome Spider-Man pin and patch. I'm a big fan of the MCC pins and patches, but over a year in and I still have no idea how to best display them. Next was a copy of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' #16. This issue has an exclusive Collector Corps variant cover featuring a Funko-style version of Spider-Man.

Instead of a T-shirt this month we got a new item, a Marvel POP! Tops hat! This one features Spidey with a POP! logo on one side and a spider symbol on the back. The bottom of the bill is plastered with the Marvel and Funko POP! logo's. The colors they chose (grey and blue) were perfect, ensuring the hat will pretty much go with anything you wear. According to Funko, Marvel POP! Tops will only be available through Marvel Collector Corps.

Personally, because I wear hats on a regular basis, I LOVED it. I know there have been a lot of complaints online from fans who are saying that they'd rather have a shirt. Every time a box comes out there is some sort of complaint over what's inside. But honestly, where else can you get all of this cool exclusive stuff for $30? You can't walk into a store and score a deal like this anywhere. Don't like something? Give it to someone who does. Most people ordering are just after the POP! figure anyway.

This month's box was BIG because it needed to accommodate the next item inside; a Spider-Man Fabrikation plush! Apparently they saved this Fabrikation from their original line because they "thought it would be the perfect addition to this box!" They had to "reconfigure the size of the box several times" to get this bad boy to fit inside. I don't necessarily dislike the line, but I didn't own any of them until this box. Mainly because they take up a lot of space. But if Spider-Man were released in stores I'd definite have one, so getting him here was a score for me.

Finally, we get to the POP! figure. I was hoping they'd do something really cool and give us a Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy two-pack. But that's my wishful thinking. What we got was a leaping Spider-Man. Funko has been giving us a lot of POP! figures in action poses, so a Spidey one is a no-brainer. I love it, though I do wish that we could've gotten a Spidey swinging from his web instead. Still, it was an awesome figure, so I'm not going to complain!

Inside this month's box:

-Spider-Man Patch
-Spider-Man Pin
-Spider-Man Fabrikation
-The Amazing Spider-Man #16 Variant Comic
-Spider-Man #160 POP! Figure
-Spider-Man POP! Top Hat

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