Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes

The first Disney Infinity, clearly aimed at kids, was really hit and miss for adults. While the same can be said for the Marvel version of Infinity, this version rides on the coattails of the very successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. If this were another version featuring more Disney movie/TV characters, I definitely wouldn't be as enthusiastic about version 2.0. The starter pack comes with base, game disc, The Avengers play set, 2 toy box game discs,Thor, Iron Man, and Black Widow character pieces.

My biggest gripe with the first Disney Infinity was the fact that you weren't able to cross characters over into other play sets in the main story. It would have been a lot more fun if I could play the Lone Ranger in the Pirates of the Caribbean game. In the Marvel version you can now unlock certain characters in each game. For The Avengers, which comes with the starter pack, you can unlock Nova and Rocket Raccoon by finding ten of their "character coins" which are spread throughout the city. Of course, this also requires you to purchase said characters in order to use them in the game. Rocket can be purchased as a single character, while Nova must be purchased with the Spider-Man play set.

Another great addition to version 2.0 is the skill tree. You can now level up your character with special moves and powers. In the first Infinity it just seemed to be a number that didn't mean anything. This is great for the Iron Man and Thor figures that come with the starter pack. You can build up to more powerful attacks and weapons. It's not so great for Black Widow, who doesn't have super powers or the ability to fly. It unfortunately makes her the least playable character in the set and it's a bummer that she gets the short end of the stick.

The Avengers play set will take players a few hours to get through. It was fun, but could become a bit tedious. The game involves The Avengers running around New York, stopping Frost Giants from attacking citizens while also trying to stop Loki from freezing and taking over the city. There are some fun cameos from Captain Marvel and The Wasp, which will hopefully be seeing their MCU debuts at some point.

I have yet to try out the toy box option. That's never really been my cup of tea, but from other reviews, this is vastly improved and much deeper than the 1.0 version. The starter pack also comes with the toy box game discs "Escape the Kiln" and "Assault on Asgard." I've briefly played through the "Escape the Kiln" game, which I have to say, I found pretty confusing. I found myself jumping
through portals and having to start mid-way through levels I had already played trough. Meaning I had to go through them again to advance. It was frustrating, but still enjoyable.

The $75.00 price tag may seem steep, but there's a lot of value in that bundle. You'll spend hours between the Avengers play set, "Escape the Kiln," and "Assault on Asgard" games. Plus, if you're into world building, you'll spend even more time with the toy box aspect. Throw in the extra play sets (Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy at $35.00 each) and all of the extra characters and you'll get hours and hours of entertainment out of 2.0. It will get expensive, but for this Marvel fan, it's definitely worth it.

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