Friday, October 31, 2014

'Vanguard Princess Lilith' DLC Is Now Available On Steam

On a mysterious day, a girl claiming to be The Daughter Of The Devil made her way from The Netherworld to the world of mortals. Her demonic powers enabled her to gain control of The Girls' Academy and became the Headmistress.

Lilith goes around campus claiming to be the direct descendant of The Devil, but no one believes her. As a result, this pint-sized grappler fights to prove what she says is true.

In this latest Vanguard Princess DLC, players awesome features just in time for Halloween!

- Updated version of Vanguard Princess.
- New Lilith-themed battle stages.
- Alternate story-lines and endings.
- Additional in-game music.
- Play with the boss character Hilda Rize in Arcade Mode and Two Player Mode.
- Play Vanguard Princess in its was original uncensored version.

*This DLC requires the base game Vanguard Princess on Steam in order to play.

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