Monday, November 10, 2014

McFarlane Toys' 'The Walking Dead' Buliding Sets Collectible figures.

The Toys R Us exclusive figures featuring 'The Walking Dead' are just beginning to hit shelves. The figures, from McFarlane Toys, come in "blind bag" packaging. This means you will get a random figure in each package. The figures are part of a brick building line featuring iconic scenes and environments from the TV show. I realized after opening mine, that on the upper-right hand corner of each package it is marked with either an "W" or an "H" to let you know that there is either a Walker or a Human inside.

I picked up three random figures in my local Toys R Us the other day. The figures inside the packages were Daryl, The Governor, and Herd Walker Male 1. They need to be put together piece by piece, which is relatively easy and they also come with a clear stand. The only issue I had was with the Herd Walker, whose head doesn't quite fit on the torso. The figures are small, but extremely detailed for their size. They're well-sculpted and the painting is pretty darn good. They retail for $3.99, which is a bit pricey for not being able to see which figure you're receiving. I suppose it's not bad if you're building an army of walkers, but for the casual consumer that wants a certain figure, you're kind of out of luck.

The series one figures include:

- Michonne  
- Daryl Dixon
- The Governor
- Carl Grimes
- Sophia Walker
- Herd Walker Female 1
- Herd Walker Male 1
- Michonne's Pet Walker 1

Some assembly required
The Governor, Herd Walker Male 1, and Daryl Dixon
The Governor next to a (bootleg) Black Widow Lego minifigure
Impressive detail on all of the figures

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