Monday, November 3, 2014

'Original Comic Book' Ninja Turtles Figures From Playmates in Stores Now

Playmates has just released 'Original Comic Book' versions of our favorite'Heroes in a Half-Shell.' The figures are a pretty great-looking alternative to the much pricier NECA versions produced a few years ago, which go for ungodly amounts on eBay. The only real issue I have with the figures would be the coloring. The green is a little too bright for being comic book versions of the Turtles. But it's not a deal breaker. If it were, one could always go the Chinese bootleg route and pick up the NECA versions, which can be a bit more expensive and also hit and miss when it comes to quality.

I picked up a Donatello and Raphael at a local big box store for $8.00. The figures come with their respective weapons and a trading card and nothing more. Not that anything else is needed. They're well-sculpted, fully poseable, and they even come with their tails. They're were definitely worth every penny. Now to track down Mikey and Leo...


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    1. Have you seen them repackaged with a comic book? It's almost double the price! Each turtle has a different issue. They're charging $8.00 for a comic?!?!