Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Chameleon" Hulk and Sherlock and Watson Custom Funko POP!'s

This blog is quickly becoming a Funko POP! site. I've recently acquired three more awesome custom pieces for the ever-expanding collection, "Chameleon" Hulk, Sherlock and Watson figures from eBay and Etsy. For those looking to expand or start a custom collection, I would highly recommend sites like eBay and Etsy for some great deals. There are some artists on that will even take commissions and create a custom of your favorite character.

First up is this "Chameleon" Hulk that I was lucky enough to snag on eBay. I picked up this gorgeous piece for the low price of only $14.99 plus shipping. It was so cheap that I felt like I was almost stealing it from the seller! He used an Age of Ultron Hulk as the base for this custom and included the original box. The seller, mati1269, has had several auctions of custom figures just like this one, featuring figures like Harley Quinn and Star Lord. The seller packs securely and ships quickly and I had a pleasant experience with him.

Next up, I received these amazing BBC-inspired Sherlock Holmes and John Watson POP's from POPperfulWeak on Etsy. The artist did a great job turning these guys into Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman; the likeness is outstanding. I'm not sure which figures were used as bases, but whatever they were, this artist transformed them into some of my favorite pieces in my custom collection. They currently have more great-looking customs in their Etsy store and they ship quickly and securely. 

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