Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Japan Crate Unboxing

Being a fan of monthly boxes, I couldn't pass up the chance to try out Japan Crate. What is it? It's a monthly box of Japanese candy handpicked by the team at Japan Crate that is delivered straight to your door every month. There are three different boxes you can order; Mini: 4-6 candies ($12.00/month), Original: 8-10 candies + DIY Kit ($25.00/month), and Premium: 12-14 candies, drink, 2 DIY Kits ($30.00/month). More info can be found on the Japan Crate website.

I decided to try out the Mini box for my initial order. For $12.00, Japan Crate delivered a great value for the price. I may not have liked all of the candy included, but this isn't a big deal because I'm not a fan of everything that comes in the other subscription boxes I get every month. I will definitely pick up a couple of White Chocolate Big Bar Z's the next time I find myself in Japantown in San Francisco. This month's Mini box came with five candies, a flyer with a description of everything inside, and a bonus toy. That comes out to only $2.00 per item! I imagine you could pick them up for a comparable price in any Japanese specialty store, if not a couple of bucks cheaper. Scroll down to take a peek at everything inside the crate!

In this month's box:

Ramune Marble Gum- "Citrus-y and delicious ramune flavored gumballs. These pack a small hint of fizziness just like a real Japanese ramune soda."

White Chocolate Big Bar Z- "A big wafer bar similar in texture to a giant Kit Kat. A once crunchy bar soaked in smooth, decadent white chocolate. Oishii!"

Little Gang Grape- "This pouch is packed with grape fun. Gum that starts off with a Pop Rocks-like crackle and ends as tangy grape gum."

Red Potion/Black Potion- "How do you chew gum? Find out where gum first hits your tongue with this mouth painting gum. Red and black cola gum that changes your tongue colors."

Snow Pea Chips- "Crunchy snow pea chips made from real snow peas."

My Neighbor Totoro figure.

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