Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sith Yoda and Anti-Venom Custom Funko POP! Figures

The custom collection is getting bigger with the addition of Sith Yoda and Anti-Venom. I picked up Yoda from Mostly Harmless Vinyl Customs. This is my second custom from this artist (the first being Silver Surfer) and this one is one amazing piece. The artist put in some work on this little guy and the quality is spectacular. His store can be found here and you can also follow him on Instagram (mostlyharmlessvinylcustoms) where he posts pictures of newly added items to his store, commissions, and codes for discounts.

The second custom comes from eBay seller dkile57. This is also the second custom I've purchased from this artist (the first was a "Crazed Batman"). A Walgreen's exclusive Venom was used as the base for this guy. The mouth and the eyes are what drew me to the piece. I like the original Venom figure, and am a bigger fan of the character than I am of Anti-Venom, but the awesome paint job makes this guy look much more menacing. The seller seems to consistently have custom POP's up for auction, so be sure to check out his eBay. 

Sith Yoda from Mostly Harmless Vinyl Customs

The detail on this guy is amazing!

This is one mean-looking figure!

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