Friday, June 5, 2015

Martha Jones Custom Funko POP! Figure by Spastic Customs

I was lucky enough to pick up another custom Doctor Who figure from Spastic Customs. This time, it was the Tenth Doctor's companion, Martha Jones. This custom was just as well-made as the last two that I picked up from the artist (Amy Pond and Rory Williams), with a great paint job that is an accurate look for the character. Just like the previous two, this figure came with an awesome custom box. Now, when the official Doctor Who POP! figures get their wide release, my Tenth Doctor will have a companion to go adventuring with!  

I was pretty excited about this custom and of course, I had to share it with my fellow Funko fans on Twitter. I was definitely surprised when I jumped on Twitter and noticed one of the people that "favorited" my tweet was none other than Martha Jones herself, Freema Agyeman (@FreemaOfficial)! Scroll down to check out the custom figure and head on over to Spastic Customs' Etsy page if you're interested in getting your own custom POP!'s. 

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