Thursday, September 3, 2015

Custom Ant-Man Funko POP! Tutorial

What you'll need:

- Ant-Man Funko POP! Figure
- '21 Jump Street' Morton Schmidt POP! Figure
- Craft Glue
- Exacto Knife
- Hair Dryer

The first thing you need to do is pick up some Ant-Man and '21 Jump Street' Morton Schmidt POP! figures. You are going to need to remove the head from each figure. The Ant-Man POP! is easy to remove, but the Schmidt one will take a bit of work. In order to remove it, use a hair dryer to heat up the figure and pull on it to remove the head. If the disc at the bottom of the head becomes unattached simply use a craft glue (I use E6000) to reattach it back to the head. 

After removing the heads from their bodies, remove the spring from the Ant-Man figure by simply pulling it off. Next, use the hair dryer to heat up the bottom of the Ant-Man head. Once heated up, use an exacto knife to (carefully) cut open the bottom of the Ant-Man helmet. Next, you'll need to cut open the front of the mask and remove it from the rest of the helmet. Once cut, there's a thick black post at the top of the helmet that is used to attach the spring. Heat it up and cut it out using your exacto knife. It is glued in there pretty good, so this will take a lot of patience as you need to go slowly and use caution not to cut yourself.

Take the face of the mask that you've cut out and carefully remove the lenses from the eyes. After removing them, heat up the mask until it's pliable and cut the eyes out. Now that they have been removed, reattach the lenses onto the mask. 

Once that's done, warm up the helmet a little bit and put the Schmidt head inside of it. Next, you'll need to attach the head to the Ant-Man body. The post on the neck of the Ant-Man POP! is small enough to easily slide the head of the Schmidt POP! onto it. When the head is on, the final step is to attach the face of the mask to the head. To do this, I use my E6000 to glue it to the head of the figure. And that's it! It's an easy process, but it will take quite a bit of time. Remember that you'll need to be extremely cautious when using an exacto knife and hair dryer. You don't want to cut or burn yourself. If anyone wants to share their custom Ant-Man figures or has any questions e-mail or tweet @monkeyjedi with your pic!

Below is a finished "Battle Damaged" variant version of my custom Ant-Man figure.

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