Friday, September 25, 2015

Fun Finds at the Santa Cruz Flea Market

I'm lucky enough to live near a pretty awesome little flea market in Santa Cruz that is open Friday through Sunday. I can fill a Sunday by getting up early and hitting the flea for some deals, then having breakfast by the beach, and then spending the rest of the day hanging out downtown with friends. I love going around 8-ish as the flea market can get really busy and you have to get in there early if you want to score the good stuff. Go around 10 a.m. and parking is a bit of a pain and then you REALLY have to dig to find anything good. Usually when I go too late I walk away empty handed.

One of the things I like the most (right behind the food) are the vendors that sell the random/awkward bootleg items. I'm talking about those cheaply made, ridiculous looking toys that have you laughing out loud and scratching your head at the same time. On my most recent trip there I saw a few that did just that. First there was the 'Universal War' toy set that came with five figures that consisted of what was supposed to be a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, 2 Aliens, and a guy that looked like Magneto. Next I saw an old black and blue Spider-Man iPhone 4 phone case that would have actually been kind of cool to get...if I still had an iPhone 4. You can also find some pretty cheap Lego bootleg figures like The Simpsons and Ninja Turtles for a couple of bucks from quite a few of the regular vendors. 

The best thing I spotted, which were unfortunately too small for me, were these weird mask/capes that came in a bunch of different properties from Batman and Power Rangers, to Cars and Monster High. They were disturbing, yet hilarious and I totally would have purchased one if it fit my head. That day the only thing I walked out of there with were three DVD's for $5.00, which I'm now regretting (should have picked up that 'Universal Wars' set!). 

Universal Wars Toy Set

What even...?!?!

Went home with these

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  1. I considered buying that Universal Wars set. That pseudo-Vader reminds me of Dark Helmet from Spaceballs!