Saturday, September 12, 2015

Return to the High Seas with the Oversized 'Cursed Pirate Girl Annual #1'

Archaia, an imprint of award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios, is pleased to announce the October debut of the next chapter of Jeremy Bastian’s swashbuckling adventure, Cursed Pirate Girl Annual #1. This oversized, prestige annual is the first installment of Volume 2 of Cursed Pirate Girl and continues the fiery Cursed Pirate Girl’s journey as she and the young Apollonia search for the pirate girl’s father, one of the pirate captains of the dreaded Omerta Seas.

“Jeremy’s richly detailed artwork is a stunning, beautiful combination of Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, and 19th-century political cartoons,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “It’s absolutely unlike anything in modern comics, and we’re thrilled to bring the next installment in the Cursed Pirate Girl’s adventure to readers.”

Praise for Cursed Pirate Girl:

“It's easy to get lost inside the pages of Jeremy A. Bastian's...Cursed Pirate Girl. The Michigan-based artist works with ink and a very fine brush to create panels that overflow with tiny details. … It's these intricacies that make a young heroine's quest to find her pirate father all the more magical.” - LA Weekly

“Although this book is in black and white, your eyes overdose on the abundant artwork: quirky characters, wall to wall backgrounds, everything drawn with shading and minutiae. It is an overflowing feast for the eyes.” - Wired

“Bastian’s art captures 19th-century humorous illustration and cartoon styles with deliberate grotesques and complex visual clutter—think Thomas Nast meets Albrecht Dürer...the result is both a beautiful object and an evocative adventure.” - Publisher’s Weekly

Cursed Pirate Girl Annual #1 contains 54 pages of all-new story and arrives in comic shops on October 14th with a cover by series creator Jeremy Bastian for the price of $9.99.

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